When favorite games are repeatedly passed, sometimes there is interest in their internal structure. Partly with this help unpacking programs that allow even after the obsolescence of the game, to extract from it «souvenirs» — textures, music and some other resources. Part of this can help the program Dragon Unpacker and her colleagues.

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Note: The program may without notice modify the configuration files of the first three games (trim palette).

This Editor, at the time of this writing, is designed for the games Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

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В этот раз мы прошли примерно половину игры «Гарри Поттер и Тайная комната» с нарушением логики, физики и здравого смысла. Получилось достаточно своеобразно, но, местами, это было весело ;-)

В качестве ведущих снова выступили Alexms69 и Дмитрий «Лимон».

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Professor Snape has long dreamed of becoming a teacher at DADA. And this year he especially expected to get this place. Therefore, he pre-prepared a workshop for the spell «Rictusempra.» And although his dream was not destined to come true this year, the workshop did not go away, and the professor decided to try it on Harry as punishment for some nonsense.

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