Program «Harry Potter and Your PC»
Harry Potter and Your PC

Next version: 1.4 (is expected to 1 Nov 2016)

Current version: 1.3 (18 Oct 2015) Download

Russian version of this article (эта статья на русском языке)

The program is designed to test the basic features of the computer and determine the possibility of the launch games on it for our theme. It also solves some known problems playing games or just to help you do something that requires some computer experience. For example: to enable debug mode in the first games, or make «Goblet of Fire» was launched in the resolution of 1920×1080 pixels (800×600 initially without the possibility of choice). The list of features and functions is shown below.

It is understood that all the games and the drivers have already been installed.

Released version 1.3. Much of it rewritten, something left from a previous version. Again added experimental features that may not work correctly on some computers.

Screenshot Screenshot

Capabilities and features of version 1.3

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1. Appearance: quite easy to understand interface
2. Settings tab (the path into game files).
— Scan shortcut on the desktop to search for installed games;
— Manually specify the location by dragging and dropping any file or a shortcut from the main game folder;
— Manually specify the path to the game through a standard dialog box;
— Auto-detection Steam-versions of games (in some cases you may need to manually specify the folder with the game).
Note: support drag and drop files may not work if the program is running on behalf of the Administrator of the computer (known problem of Windows Vista and newer systems)
3. Tab «Testing».
— Check the main games: checks for compliance with the main files sizes, compliance of computer with a game’s requirements. Additionally, add list of installed programs. The report is generated in the form of a Web page and stored in the folder with the program, it opens in your default browser;
— After the testing special textbox is filled with technical information to insert into comment into the pages of technical issues of this website;
— The window to check the keyboard keys.
4. Tab «Set up the game»
Philosopher’s Stone:
1) enabling / disabling debug mode;
2) On / Off windowed mode;
3) change the resolution of the playing surface;
4) Unlock «Quidditch League» ( «League» is blocked due to the brilliant idea of ​​developers to make this section of the files saved in the configuration file!);
5) run at any level without saving the results.
Chamber of Secrets:
1) enabling / disabling debug mode;
2) On / Off windowed mode;
3) change the resolution of the playing surface;
4) Lock / Unlock advertising of Electronic Arts, Warner Bros;
5) ON / OFF Inversion of Control (duplicate the settings window);
6) ON / OFF autojump (duplicate the settings window);
7) on / off high complexity (duplicate the settings window);
8) run at any level with the preservation of the results;
9) unlock / lock the door in the bedroom of Gryffindor (level «Gryffindor’s Quest»).
Prisoner of Azkaban:
1) enabling / disabling debug mode (activated by pressing the keys in the game, thanks to Professor Tushkanchik for the tip ;-));
2) On / Off windowed mode;
3) change the resolution of the playing surface;
4) ON / OFF key assignments for the modes «fly / walk»;
5) run at any level with the preservation of the results.
Goblet of Fire:
1) change the screen resolution by creating a new executable file.
Order of the Phoenix:
1) Rename a folder «movies» (for bad repacks).
Deathly Hallows:
1) choice of language (Russian / English).
Quidditch World Cup:
1) a change of playing surface resolution (overlap window game settings);
2) setting quality card draw (duplicates window game settings).
LEGO Harry Potter: 1-4 years:
1) off / on the problem of special effects (kind of problem with the game hangs at the level «Dark Tower»);
2) translating of the Steam version into Russian language and back to English.
LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7:
1) installation of save, which passed the level of «Desserts».
5. Tab «Saves»
1) the ability to quickly open the folder and save the setting of games;
2) saving the backup for one game;
3) backup saves once for all games;
4) the ability to quickly open the backup folder (located in the same folder as the program);
5) import files saved for some games by simply dragging and dropping the file on the sensitive area of ​​the window;
6) saving the recovered once for all games from a backup made using the functions specified in item 3 ;-)
6. Tab «Links»
1) link to DirectX installer;
2) links to «Device Manager», «Power Management», «Display Settings», «gaming device»;
3) links to the games menu page on our website.

Possible problems after using the program, and their elimination

In this version of the program makes changes to the file system of the games, taking as a reference the license versions of the game. If the game is to rebuild the great wizards or squib, then, of course, part of the data may not reflect the expectations of the program. In this case, there may be problems with the launch of games that simply corrected.


The changes and solutions:

  • Philosopher’s Stone.
    — Re-create the configuration file, which is quite early pirate assemblies may lead to malfunction of the game. If this happens — just delete the files hp.ini, user.ini of the save folder and restart the game. You can also use a backup copy of the format «hp.ini_20150928» — recover enough extension «ini» for file.
    — Advances in training Quidditch (a separate mini-game) are blocked due to the installation of the attribute «Read Only» for the configuration files. Due to laziness of developers have a dilemma: either honest Quidditch, or debug mode. Unlock Quidditch is done by setting the appropriate checkbox in the program.
  • Chamber of Secrets.
    — Configuration files. In case of problems, simply remove game.ini files, user.ini of the save folder and restart the game. You can also use a backup copy of the format «game.ini_20150928» — recover enough extension «ini» for file.
    — When you unlock «Gryffindor’s quest» to the game folder «system» appended a new file. Therefore, unless you specify the path to the game, it is impossible to perform this unlock. The presence or absence of this file affects only the state of the door to the Gryffindor’s Tower.
  • Prisoner of Azkaban.
    — Configuration files. In case of problems, simply remove files hppoa.ini, user.ini in saves folder and restart the game. You can also use a backup copy of the format «hppoa.ini_20150928» — recover enough extension «ini» for file.
  • Goblet of Fire:
    — changes in executable file g_gof.exe. To correct enough to use a backup copy of this file. Changing the resolution is done by creating a copy of the executable file with the required parameters, so the original file is not overwritten.
    — when you import save files will overwrite the existing file with the backup.
  • Order of the Phoenix
    — rename a folder «movies». It applies only to unsuccessful pirated versions of the small size. When you import files saved will overwrite the existing file with the backup.
  • Half-blood prince. When you import files saved will overwrite the existing file with the backup.
  • Deathly Hallows. The program creates a file to modify the registry. The user himself decides — to use the file or not. The contents of the file can be viewed in any text editor. Here we must be careful, though under normal operating system is no problem.
  • Quidditch World Cup. Configuration file is overwritten. It is enough to remove it and restart the game.
  • LEGO Harry Potter: 1-4 years. Changes are made to the hidden by developers configuration file (problem with the Dark Tower), as well as in the service file for the game Steam-version (language switching). In case of damage to the latter request is sufficient to check the Steam client files: corrupted file is automatically overwritten.
  • LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7: files of saves.

Note 1:
change the language of games, «Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows» is associated with changes in the system registry. So before you start the program generated the reg-file, carefully read what is written in the message-report (the maximum that should be there from the remarks — no voice file).

Note 2: program paid attention user data saved (files and settings). So if you need to replace or delete any file, then replace the file is renamed (to expand the added time stamp). Therefore, if something happens, the saved file can be restored easily — simply renaming such as backups.

System requirements:

  • Operation system: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10.
  • Microsoft .NetFramework 2.0* (is free, see on official website);
  • In rare cases, may require Administrator privileges (if the error is about the impossibility to obtain information on the processor will be in testing).

* Owners of Windows XP, Windows 8, 8.1, 10 may need to install this package.
If you have Windows Vista, Windows 7, you do not need to install this package.


Using the program

The downloaded file is required to unpack in a folder (on your desktop, on any drive other than C).

When you first launch the program is highly desirable to go to the specified paths tab and scan the shortcuts on the desktop: shortcuts for the games of the Harry Potter series will provide information about their location. Therefore, it is desirable that all of the Harry Potter games have shortcuts on your desktop. If necessary, the path to the games can be specified manually. The rest will be easy to understand :-)

Remember to extract the program folder from the archive, and not to run straight into the archiver ;-)

Notes and technical aspects

  • Program tested by 55 antivirus software (view report) and at the time of publication does not contain malicious code, it does not send us any data from your computer, but contains links to our website and the website of Microsoft Corporation.
  • Some features of the program are making changes to configuration files only the first 3 games, game saves folder «LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7» (adding the saved file), rename movies folder in a damaged version of «Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix,» adds one or more files in the folder with the game, «Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets» (unlock the door to the Gryffindor tower, for nothing affects more), prepares the reg-file to make changes to the system registry with the user’s permission, stores the configuration file in the user folder.
  • The program does not distribute any advertising or malicious modules.
  • Information about third-party development is given in the window «About».
  • The program is distributed on Freeware and principles «as is» — the developer is not responsible for any damage caused by using the program.
  • Starting with version 1.3, the program has a good enough multi-language support (as opposed to version 1.2, all the basic language resources is now decorated in a text file, embedded in the executable file), and the number of supported languages ​​can be increased if necessary. Now, as an example, includes support for English as a cross between an amateur and machine translation. Therefore, if necessary, the original file can be requested in order to transfer the desired language and sending it to the developer to add to the program.

Reprinting and publication on other websites:

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  • The program is allowed to publish on other sites under 2 conditions: no decompilation and code changes or resources; notify us that you publish the program on your site using comment form of this page.
  • The authors of this software will not respond to questions about the program, if it was downloaded from another site, it something has been changed (practice Reproduction of material there for a long time. Therefore, we can not guarantee that the owner of the site, reproduced, republished anything with our site, has not made it into something bad things).


Enjoy using the program!

Author: Professor Alexms69


P.S. Article translated into English using machine translation technology. You can help improve it, as well as the translation of the program’s interface.


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