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HP and Your PC

This version of the program is obsolete. The current version is available here:

HP and your computer — is a free program for the games about the world of J. K. Rowling. It solves some problems of games and can automatically perform some configuration for games.

You can download the program from the page «Files»

The following is a more complete description ;-)

The program is designed to test the basic features of the computer and determine the possibility of the launch games on it for our theme. It also solves some known problems playing games or just to help you do something that requires some computer experience. For example: to enable debug mode in the first games, or make «Goblet of Fire» was launched in the resolution of 1920×1080 pixels (800×600 initially without the possibility of choice). The list of functions and features vary from version to version, and are listed below.

It is understood that all the games and the drivers have already been installed.

Screenshot Screenshot

Capabilities and features

— Automatic and manual addition of games in the library.
— Supports Steam, GOG-version games.
— Partially supported 7 language versions of games (de, en, es, fr, it, pl, ru)
— Supports multiple instances of the game
— Formation of a report with the information about the computer and compatibility with games
— Easy keyboard test
— Formation of the list of data pages for the technical issues on the site
— Enable debug mode in the first three games.
— Inclusion of windowed mode in the first three games.
— Adding a few cheat codes in the first three games (user.ini).
— Start at any level in the first three games.
— Unlock Gryffindor quest to «Chamber of Secrets»
— Removal of the configuration files of the first three games.
— Change the frame size of the game «Goblet of Fire»
— Renaming a folder «movies» in a pirated version of the Order of the Phoenix
— Creating a reg-file to change the language in the «Deathly Hallows» (7 languages)
— Turn off effects which cause errors in the game «LEGO HP: 1-4 years»
— The inclusion of Russian localization of the game «LEGO HP: 1-4 years»
— Automatic installation save file passed to the level of «Desserts» in the game «LEGO HP: Years 5-7»
— Open the folder with the saved file
— Automatic installation files saved for some games
— Create a backup of files saved games
— Quick access to DirectX 9.0c download page
— Quick access to the «Device Manager» the Windows
— Quick access to the «Display Settings» the Windows
— Quick access to the «Power Management» the Windows
— Quick access to «Dispatcher gaming devices,» the Windows
— Quick access to the pages menu on our website.


Problem solving

  1. After enabling the debug mode the game stopped running.

    Answer: delete the configuration files (hp.ini, game.ini, hppoa.ini, user.ini to save the folder), restart the game and to enable debug mode without the help of the program.

  2. The Philosopher’s Stone Quidditch blocked.

    Answer: use a check box to unlock Quidditch program or edit the configuration file manually.

  3. The screen resolution in «Goblet of Fire» is not changed.

    Answer: for each new screen resolution creates a new executable file. Therefore, it is better to make a separate label.


Changes to the file system and registry

  1. Create a folder AppData\Roaming\hp-gamesnet
  2. Create a file in the Saves folder (with the creation of backups)
  3. Adding or removing Gryffindor quest unlock file
  4. Deathly Hallows. The program creates a file to modify the registry. The user himself decides — to use the file or not. The contents of the file can be viewed in any text editor.
  5. ЛЕГО LEGO HP: 1-4 years. Amendments are made to the hidden developers configuration file (to solve the Dark Tower), as well as in the service file for the game Steam-version (language switching). In case of damage to the latter request is sufficient to check the Steam client files: corrupted file is automatically overwritten.


System requirements:

— Operating system: Windows 8, Windows 10 (Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7)
— Microsoft .NetFramework 4.0 (the package is free, are available at the official website or page «Files» of our website);



First start

  1. Open the archive using the archiver.
  2. Extract the folder from the archive on a disk with games (preferably not the C drive).
  3. Run the program and add games to the library.
  4. If the program does not start — install .NetFramework 4.0.


Notes and technical aspects

  1. Program was tested 53 antivirus software (view report). May cause false positives from anti-virus 360.
  2. The program does not distribute any advertising or malicious modules.
  3. Information about third-party development is given in the «About».
  4. The program is distributed on Freeware and principles «as is» — the developer is not responsible for any damage caused by using the program.


Reprinting and publication on other websites:

  1. The program is allowed to publish on other sites under 2 conditions: no decompilation and code changes or resources; notify us that you publish on its website a program in the subject «Organizational matters».
  2. The authors of this software will not respond to questions about the program, if it was downloaded from another site, it something has been changed (practice Reproduction of material there for a long time. Therefore, we can not guarantee that the owner of the site, reproduced, republished anything with our site, has not made it into something bad things).


Successful use!



P.S. If you have any suggestions about additional features — specify them in the comments. It may be some action with the game and its files, and actions for the implementation of which you do not have enough knowledge, experience, or just a little afraid of — nothing to break, and it is better to entrust the program (although the program sometimes break something better people :-) ).


P.P.S. This article may contain errors. You can help us with the error correction. Addresses to communicate with the administration on this page:

Sincerely, Alexms69


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