A history of character development. Part 2. Teachers


The first part of this article covered the changes to Harry, Ron and Hermione. However, other characters, such as some of the Hogwarts teachers have changed even more dramatically. Let’s take a look back at how it was…

In this article we would like to trace all the history of modifications of our favourite characters in the PC version*.

Albus Dumbledore

(From left to right: SS/PS – CS – QWC – PA – OP – HP – DH2)

As you can see, in Prisoner of Azkaban, Professor Dumbledore changed his image: he switched to quieter colours in his clothes, wore a hat and trimmed his beard. Then he stopped wearing his glasses as well.

The most successful and pleasing to the eye image of the Headmaster from my point of view was in the Chamber of Secrets. 🙂

Professor McGonagall

Minerva McGonagall

(SS/PS – CS – QWC – PA – OP – HP – DH2)

The transfiguration teacher has also replaced her glasses with lenses, and in recent games has removed her famous pointy hat. The clothing style has also changed to something darker.

In the Half-Blood Prince, McGonagall looks more like a wax doll than a human, but in Deathly Hallows her image was successfully recreated almost identically to the film.

Professor Snape

Severus Snape

(SS/PS – CS – QWC – OP – DH2)

The sternest lecturer didn’t change his style until the very end – the floor-length black robe and similarly black hair was there from the start. Although in the second game some may have thought Snape was wearing a hood on his head. 😉


Rubeus Hagrid

(SS/PS – CS – PA – OP – HP)

Hagrid isn’t inferior to Snape in terms of clothing, in that he stayed in the same costume throughout the series: coat, red shirt and huge belt. Except that in the game The Chamber of Secrets he got hot and walked around without his coat.

Hagrid’s height was slightly diminished in Prisoner of Azkaban, so he was hardly a giant.

Hagrid is the only teacher (apart from Alastor Moody) whose model was made in the Goblet of Fire game, but due to low graphics quality and small image size, this version was not included here.

Professor Flitwick

Filius Flitwick

(SS/PS – CS – QWC – PA – OP)

Here’s whose transformation is most surprising, it’s Professor Flitwick’s!

In the first four games we were shown him as a tiny grey-haired old man with an upturned nose, wrapped in several layers of robes and waistcoats. But in the fifth game, many players walking past the spell cabinet couldn’t figure out who the little man in the black suit was.
It’s unclear for what reason it took to change this character’s appearance so drastically, but on the timeline, where all the images are lined up, the last picture clearly stands out 🙂

By the way Flitwick’s appearance was changed already in the third film, but in Prisoner of Azkaban we still see his former image.

Professor Sprout

Pomona Sprout

(SS/PS – CS – OP)

It feels like three completely different people are portrayed here %)

The first two models have nothing in common with the actress playing them in the film, although the other teachers even in the first games have already tried to be made similar to the actors.

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*Other platforms were not taken into account, nor Lego HP (as it already has a different publisher).

Author: Setebos

Photos by: Setebos, OOKS, АlехeyMS