One hundred meters run. We will not be chased!



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Very often in computer games such an inserted episode is used as escape mission.
The player is encouraged to run away with the character in order to avoid any threat that is coming and growing behind him.

It turns out a game-in-a-game.

Basic principles :

  • 1. The movement of the character is carried out from a third person and is directed at the player.

This allows:

  • а) To see not the back of the head and the fluttering mantle, which in itself is not very interesting, but the face of the runner, his emotions (albeit frozen) and the desire to run away;
  • б) See the impending threat, appreciate the horror of being overtaken;
  • в) The ability to adjust the run in the dynamics of movement.
  • 2. The speed of the run is constant, you can adjust the movement of the character to the right or left to dodge or overcome obstacles. In many places, a jump is available and the ability to cast spells on the go.
  • 3. The race goes through a limited narrow space, the length of the run is also determined, a kind of treadmill.
  • 4. Not everything is so simple: along the way you have to overcome various obstacles and barriers, jump over pits. And, if we equate the escape mission with some modern sport, then this is a kind of 100 meters run with elements of steeplechase.

Harry Potter computer games – both the first cute games and the final cool ones – also shine with similar fast-paced runs.

Run away from the troll

Now that’s a threat, that’s a threat!

Who wants to be bludgeoned from behind!

In the game Philosopher’s Stone we are invited to run away from the huge Troll.

Ahead is a long corridor, but for some reason the floor is broken and you still have to jump over the holes.

It’s good that someone (probably Ron) was running ahead and lost the sweets on their way. They indicate the right direction, more optimal places for jumping.

Advice : when jumping with the mouse, do not release the mouse button while Harry is still in the air, then you will get long, long jumps, and Harry will successfully fly over the abyss and land on the whole board.

The Troll overtakes from behind, which, in turn, jumps smartly, with high, amplitude jumps.

In the event that Harry falls under the boards, the Troll stops the race and looks into the hole in bewilderment.

The interior of the corridor along which the race takes place is noteworthy: statues and paintings, knights and stairs.

And also something that you will not find anywhere else in this game – a kind of Kunstkamera, exhibits behind glass cases.

They contain alcoholized or dried gnomes, snails, pixies, gargoyles, and even … the Troll himself?


Video escape:

Game clip maker : OOKS

Pebble down the hill

In the game Chamber of Secrets, making our way to Tom Riddle’s lair, a pebble is waiting for us, rolling downhill.

Here the principle of running “to the camera” is violated, because Harry runs with his back to us. Apparently, the developers found it inconvenient for Harry to jump over the abysses, when there is still a downward slope, they are invisible and they would appear in front of the player at the last split second, and there is no one to scatter sweets here.

Therefore, here the character runs in the opposite direction, “away from us.”

The rest of the escape rules are well respected.

We can assess the threat of a huge boulder in a short cutscene, and then only by the growing roar behind us.


The race goes along a narrow corridor, it is impossible to dodge. Only left and right arrows and jump are active.

Nothing depends on running speed. The main thing is not to stop.

Advice : It is better to run all the time closer to the right wall (to your right), there is a more convenient trajectory for jumping over and more time to figure out where to jump.


What is behind the spiral-shaped sign on the rolling ball, and whether it is possible to somehow influence this sign with a spell – this remained the secret of the developers. Perhaps this stone was taken from the game “Philosopher’s Stone” (caves with fire seeds), where Harry moved them by hitting the flippendo spell on such a sign on the stones.

When the dragon breathes in the back

Dragons, it turns out, also love to run, especially when not without interest.

In the game LEGO. Years 1-4 Harry and Hermione run as fast as they can from the Hungarian Horntail.

Starting run – on a narrow bridge.

lego dragon

Further – along the narrow corridor of Hogwarts. The potholes in the floor are boarded up, but still – it’s better not to step on them, otherwise you can fail.

lego dragon

And this is not a joke. This is what happens when the runner behind catches up with his goal – the captured character breaks up into parts and cogs.

lego dragon

Video escape :

Game clip maker : Setebos

Water avalanche

So that you are not covered by a water avalanche, the main thing is to have a good start.

Very low start.


In the game The Deathly Hallows. Part 2 Ron and Hermione run away from a huge wave in the Chamber of Secrets. Ron ran the race much more successfully than Hermione, did not help Hermione in any way, at least he sketched sweets along the correct trajectory, as in the “Philosopher’s Stone”. She has to dodge falling blocks alone. And after the finish, the winner gets a kiss from the loser as a prize.

Separation from rivals.


Video escape:

Game clip maker : Setebos


Game Deathly Hallows. Part 2. Harry runs through the narrow space between the stacks of furniture and other junk in the help room. Periodically, they fall, and you have to shoot back and evade them.


Infernal flames spread like a chain reaction from one pile of rubbish to another. At times, the tops of the piles strive to fall apart and fall on their heads. It’s good that this happens in slow motion and you can hit them with Impendimenta.
Escape from the fiery whirlwind behind you and save your friends is worth a lot.


Video escape:

Game clip maker : Setebos


Our list of sports records and victories in this difficult HP athletics is far from complete.

Players can recall a lot of similar moments in games where Harry Potter and his friends have to take tests and norms in sprinting. Whether the escape mission will take place – it all depends on our sports passion and skill.

At the finish line – BEST VIDEO!

Game clip maker : Setebos

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