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On this page we publish information about which actors took part in the sounding of games about the magic world.

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  • HP1 — Philosopher’s Stone
  • HP2 — Chamber of Secrets
  • HP3 — Prisoner of Azkaban
  • HP4 — Goblet of Fire
  • HP5 — Order of the Phoenix
  • HP6 — Half-blood prince
  • HP7, HP8 — Deathly Hallows
  • XX — Death Eaters (minions of Voldemort)
  • Kinect — Harry Potter for Kinect
  • PS1 — Sony Playstation (1, One)
  • + — for all specified games, the set of sources matches

If the character’s voice was played by the actor who played his role in the film, his name is highlighted by underscore.

Voice announcer in English: Jim Dale (USA, HP2), Stephen Fry (HP2, HP3, HP4)

Actors, Characters

Adam Sopp. HP3: ?; HP5, HP, HP7, HP8, Kinect: Harry1

Adam Wood. HP6: Students of Ravenclaw

Adrian Fergus-Fuller. HP5: Quidditch Player1

Adrian Rawlins. HP8: James Potter1

Afshan Azad. HP5: Padma Patil1

Alex Howes. HP6: Students of Hufflepuff

Alex Tregear. HP5: Susan Bones1

Alexander Knapp. HP3: ?

Alfie Enoch. HP5, HP, HP7: Dean Thomas

Alice Keenan. HP7, HP8: Hermione Granger1

Allan Corduner. HP1: Severus Snape, Filius Flitwick, Argus Filch, Gringotts Mine Kart Operator1; HP2: Severus Snape, Filius Flitwick, Lucius Malfoy, Argus Filch, Sorting Hat1; HP3: Filius Flitwick, Severus Snape1; HP5: Severus Snape, Argus Filch1; HP6: Argus Filch

Anna Barry. HP7: Muggle Females1

Anna Bentinck. HP5: Professor Sprout, Elizabeth Burke1

Annabel Scholey. HP8: Ginny Weasley1

Andy Harrison. Kinect: Professor Quirrell1

Andy Linden. HP7: Mundungus Fletcher1

Ash Newman. HP7: Snatchers1

Andrew Edmeads. HP5: Terry Boot1

Ben Avis. HP2: ?

Ben Johnstone. HP2, HP3: ?

Ben Macleod. HP3: ?

Benjamin Stone. HP1: Fred Weasley1; HP3: Fred Weasley1

Beth Chalmers. HP5: Bellatrix Lestrange1; HP6: Bellatrix Lestrange, Damara Dodderidge, Gargoyles; HP7, HP8: Bellatrix Lestrange1

Bethan James. HP7: Witches1

Blake Ritson. HP4: Cedric Diggory

Bonnie Wright. HP5, HP6: Ginny Weasley

Boris Mitkova. HP4: Viktor Krum

Bradley Cook. HP6: Students of Gryffindor

Cainan Loubon. HP6: Students of Gryffindor

Caroline Bernstein. HP2: Molly Weasley1

Charlie Hayes. Kinect: Luna Lovegood1

Charlotte Fudge. HP2: ?

Charlotte Skeoch. HP5, HP8: Hannah Abbott1

Chelsey Seymour. HP6: Students of Hufflepuff

Chris Crosby. HP1, HP2, HP3: Peeves1

Chris Lang. HP3: ?

Christopher Birch. HP, HP8: Albus Dumbledore

Christopher Peters. HP3: ?

Claudia Renton. HP4: Fleur Delacour

Conlan Day. HP6: Students of Slytherin

Dan Morgan. Kinect: Death Eaters (XX)1

Daniel Irving. HP2: ?

Daniel Lamer. HP4, HP5: Harry1

Dave Bond. HP5: Grawp1

Dave Legeno. HP, HP8: Fenrir Greyback

David Coker. HP1, HP2: Nearly Headless Nick1; HP5: Nearly-Headless Nick, George von Rheticus, Edward Rabnott1; HP6: Nearly Headless Nick

David de Keyser. HP1: Albus Dumbledore, Quirinus Quirrell, Lord Voldemort, Help Book1

David Robb. HP3: Sirius Black1; HP5: Sirius Black, Staring Portrait1

David Schofield. HP8: Aberforth Dumbledore1; Kinect: Albus Dumbledore1

Dean Kelly. HP5: Remus Lupin1

Deeivya Meir. Kinect: Ginny Weasley, Gabrielle Delacour1

Devon Murray. HP8: Seamus Finnegan1

Dominic Coleman. HP4, HP7: Arthur Weasley; HP5: Percival Pratt, Timothy the Timid, GCR Portrait 3, Sarcastic Male Gargoyle1

Dominic Kennedy. HP3: ?

Dominic Rowan. Kinect: Sirius Black1

Dominic Rowntree. HP1: Draco Malfoy1

Duncan Wisbey. HP4: Death Eaters

Dustin Demri-Burns. Kinect: Professor Flitwick1

Eddie Cooper. HP3: ?

Eiry Hughes. Kinect: Bellatrix Lestrange1

Eleana Jenkins. HP3: ?

Eleanor Hans. HP5: Shepherdess1

Elliot Smith. HP6: Students of Gryffindor

Emily Robinson. HP1, HP2: Hermione Granger1

Emma Tate. HP8: Molly Weasley1

Evanna Lynch. HP5, HP, HP7, HP8: Luna Lovegood

Eve Karpf. HP1: Minerva McGonagall, Roland Hooch, Pomona Sprout, The Fat Lady1; HP2: Minerva McGonagall, Roland Hooch, The Fat Lady1; HP3: Minerva McGonagall1; HP6: Professor McGonagall; HP5, HP8: Professor McGonagall1

Frankie Hobbs. HP6: Students of Slytherin

Fred Ridgeway. HP2: Aragog1

Freddie Ridge. HP2: ?

Freddie Stroma. HP6: Cormac McLaggen

Gary Fairhall. HP1: Диктор, Garrick Ollivander, The Sorting Hat1; HP2: Neville Longbottom, Cornelius Fudge1; HP3: ?

George Banks. HP3: ?

Georgina Leonidas. HP6: Katie Bell

Georgina Wilcox. HP6: Students of Ravenclaw

Geraldine Somerville. HP8: Lily Potter1

Greg Chillingirian (Gregg Chillin). HP1: Ron Weasley, Fred Weasley, George Weasley, Raymond (kitten owner, PS1)1; HP2, HP3: Ron Weasley1; HP4, Kinect: Ron Weasley; HP5: Gang Members1; Kinect: Ron Weasley1

Hannah Dillamore. HP6: Students of Slytherin

Harper Marshall. HP1, HP3, HP4, HP5: Hermione Granger1

Harry Melling. HP5: Dudley Dursley1

Harry Robinson. HP1, HP3: Neville Longbottom1; HP2: Tom Riddle1

Hayles Elliot Smith. HP6: Students of Gryffindor

Holly Masterson. HP3: ?

Hugh Mitchell. HP5: Colin Creevey

Imogen Vinden-Worth. Kinect: Cho Chang, Lily Potter1

Isobel Middleton. HP5: Sybil Trelawney, The Fat Lady, GCR Portrait Female 1, Comedic Female Gargoyle1; HP6: Portrait «The Fat Lady»

Jack Saunders. HP6: Students of Hufflepuff

Jade Farmillo. HP2: Katie Bell1

James Faulkner. HP6: Professor Snape

James Smyth. HP6: Students of Ravenclaw

James Snee. Kinect: Draco Malfoy, Quidditch Announcer1

James Phelps. HP5: Fred Weasley1

Jamie Glover. HP3: Remus Lupin1

Jamie Waylett. HP5, HP6: Vincent Crabbe

Jane Avis. HP2: ?

Jasmine Poole. HP6: Students of Slytherin

Jess Hill. HP6: Students of Gryffindor

Jessica Howard. HP6: Students of Ravenclaw

Jessie Braviner. Kinect: Hermione Granger1

Jessie Cave. ПП: Lavender Brown

Joanna Shah. HP6: Students of Hufflepuff

Jock Norton. HP3: ?

Joe Dixon. Kinect: James Potter, Griphook1

Joe McFadden. HP2: ?

Joe Sowerbutts. HP1: Vincent Crabbe, Gregory Goyle, Gryffindor Boy 11

John Pirkis. HP7: Death Eaters (XX)1

John Voce. Kinect: Professor Lockhart1

Jon Key. HP8: Bogrod1

Jonathan Hansler. HP5: Lucius Malfoy, Google Stump, Vindictus Viridian, Lonely Male Gargoyle1; HP6: Male Death Eater (XX); HP7: Lucius Malfoy1

Jonathan Harden. HP7: Xenophilius Lovegood1

Jonathan Kydd. HP1, HP2, HP3: Rubeus Hagrid1; HP4: Ministry Wizard 1, Erkling; HP5: Rubeus Hagrid, GCR Portrait 4, Barking Mad Male Gargoyle, Professor Basil Fronsac, Temeritus Shanks1; HP6: Hagrid the Giant, Portrait Professor Basil Fronsac, Portrait Termeritus Shanks; HP7: Muggle Males1

Josh Herdman. HP5, HP, HP8: Gregory Goyle

Josh Paine. HP6: Students of Slytherin

Joshual Jalloul. HP2: ?

Kate Fleetwood. HP7: Mary Cattermole1

Katherine Armitage. HP6: Students of Gryffindor

Katherine Newman. Kinect: Professor McGonagall1

Katie Leung. HP5, HP6: Cho Chang

Lewis Macleod. HP1: George Weasley, Albus Dumbledore, Percy Weasley1; HP2: Fred Weasley, George Weasley, Draco Malfoy, Albus Dumbledore, Oliver Wood, Percy Weasley1; HP3: Draco Malfoy, George Weasley1; HP4: Albus Dumbledore; HP5: Albus Dumbledore, Boris the Bewildered1

Louis Cordice. HP8: Blaise Zabini1

Louis Doyle. HP5: Ernie Macmillan1

Louisa Elliot. HP3: ?

Louise Gold. Kinect: Professor Sprout1

Luke Youngblood. HP5: Lee Jordan

Lydia Andrew. HP4: Mermaid

Marina Neil. HP2: ?

Mark Lowen. HP2: Gilderoy Lockhart1

Mark Lowenthal. HP2 (console): Mr. Borgin

Mark Perry. HP5: Cornelius Fudge1

Martin Johnson. HP2: ?

Matthew Hodge. HP6: Students of Hufflepuff

Matthew Lewis. HP5, HP8: Neville Longbottom1

Matthew Marsh. HP4: XX 2, Dragon master 2

Matthew Sharman. HP6: Students of Gryffindor

Max Berendt. Kinect: Tom Riddle1

Melanie Bright. HP2: ?

Michael Hindmarsh. HP6: Students of Hufflepuff

Michael Percival. HP6: Horace Slughorn, Portrait Timothy the Timid, Gargoyles

Michael Viney. HP6: Students of Ravenclaw

Mike Norledge. Kinect: Neville Longbottom, Cedric Diggory1

Naomi McDonald. HP3: ?

Natalia Tena. HP5: Nymphadora Tonks1

Natasha Slyfield. HP6: Students of Slytherin

Niall Galvin. HP5: Michael Corner1

Nicky Gummer. HP3: ?

Nick Shirm. HP5: Zacharias Smith1

Nick Moran. HP7: Scabior1

Nigel Carrington. Kinect: The Sorting Hat, Mr. Ollivander1

Oliver Phelps. HP5: George Weasley1

Peter Dickson. Kinect: Lord Voldemort, Lucius Malfoy1

Pooky Quesnel. HP5: Moaning Myrtle1

Rachel Atkins. HP5: Professor Umbridge, Damara Dodderidge, Miserable Female Gargoyle, Mrs Black1; HP7: Dolores Umbridge, Mrs Black1

Rachel Sternberg. HP6: Hermione Granger

Ralph Fiennes. HP4, HP5: Lord Voldemort

Ralph Ineson. HP8: Amycus Carrow1

Rebecca Vere. HP7: Announcers1

Rob Rackstraw. HP7: Kingsley Shacklebolt1; HP8: Death Eaters (XX)1

Rosalind Knox. HP6: Students of Gryffindor

Rupert Degas. HP7: Lord Voldemort, Rufus Scrimgeour, Rubeus Hagrid1; HP8: Lord Voldemort, Severus Snape, Hagrid1; Kinect: Professor Snape1

Rupert Grint. HP5, HP, HP7, HP8: Ron Weasley

Sam Hazeldine. HP4: Barty Crouch Jr., Dragon master 1, Ministry Wizard 2

Sam Rawlings. HP6: Students of Slytherin

Sarah Rees. HP6: Students of Ravenclaw

Shannon Sullivan. HP6: Students of Slytherin

Shefali Chowdury. HP5: Parvati Patil1

Simon McBurney. HP7: Kreacher1

Stanley Townsend. HP4: Mad-Eye Moody

Stephen Abingdon. HP3: ?

Steve Hope Wyne. HP2: Arthur Weasley1

Struan Rodger. HP7: Wizards1

Suzie Toase. HP8: Alecto Carrow1

Tiana Benjamin. HP5: Angelina Johnson1

Timothy Bateson. HP5: Kreacher1

Toby Jones. HP7: Dobby1

Tom Attenborough. HP1, HP2, HP3: Harry1

Tom Felton. HP5, HP, HP7: Draco Malfoy

Tom Goodman-Hill. HP3, HP4: Peter Pettigrew1

Tom Reed. HP8: Draco Malfoy1

Tom Wheatley. HP5: Anthony Goldstein1

Tony Dudson. HP6: Portrait «Giffard Abbott», GCR Portrait 2

Victoria Robinson. HP1: Gryffindor Girl1; HP2: Ginny Weasley, Moaning Myrtle1

Warwick Davis. HP5, HP6: Professor Flitwick; HP7: Griphook1; HP8: Griphook, Professor Flitwick1

Will’m Bentinck. HP2, HP3: ?

William Green. HP2, HP3: ?

Zak Shrapnell. HP6: Students of Ravenclaw


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