Interview with one of the developers of the first PS1 games

The owner of the Shima’s Alt Account recently posted an interview with Aaron Fothergill, one of the developers of the first games for the first Playstation.

Aaron reports that he was preparing general subsystems of the game, such as the spell system. After selectively viewing the interview, we compared his answers with what was written in the book on the behind the scenes of the creation of the first games. Of course, the information is the same :-)

For example, information that in the first film there was originally a scene with a trip in a trolley. This scene was implemented in the game, but the scene was removed from the final version of the film. The stage in the game was left, although it required significant efforts from the leadership of the development team.

And also the fact that the first game for the computer was created on the example of a game for PS1. This explains the presence of a fairly large number of coincidences in the plots of these games (chase with brooms, games of magic crackers, and some others).

And here is the interview itself:

Published with permission of the author of the video.

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