Interview with Gregory MacMartin and Eric Gingrich


Nixxo recently conducted a conversation broadcast with a couple of people who can be found in the credits of the second game about Harry’s adventures for the computer. Language of conversation: English.

Gregory MacMartin worked on the development of the structure of the game: level schemes, the main components… Philip Collins and other designers embodied his ideas in the game world editor.

The main problem was different goals in creating the game: Gregory wanted to make an excellent and not very simple game, but other participants in the creation of the game, a higher rank, wanted a simpler game.
Therefore, even in the process of creating the game, several key employees were forced to leave KnowWonder. Including Gregory.
The levels of the game have been redesigned, the “superfluous” ones have been removed, including alternative versions of the Great Hall, the Diffindo spell workshop has received a lone gargoyle for which there is no hiding place.
And here is the interview itself 😉

Sources of information:

  1. The book of Gaetan Boulanger