History. Famous Wizard cards (Jeff Willis)


Phil Of Glimmer conducted an interview with the artist and illustrator Jeff Williswho was involved in creating the cards for the first games.The language of the video is English. Enjoy watching 😉

Q&A (short version)

00:00 Interview with Jeff Willis, Harry Potter Games Artist and Illustrator

00:46 The Process of Designing Wizard Cards

04:17 Working for KnowWonder and Prior Knowledge of Harry Potter

05:24 Concept Art and Designing Creatures for the Games

07:02 Working for Big Fish Games

07:39 Current Work on Tabletop Games

08:23 Questions from subscribers

08:33 Inspiration from other Artists and Illustrators

09:15 Most Difficult, Easiest, Least Favourite and Most Loved Card?

10:15 How did you make Hesper Starky so ICONIC

10:59 Designing the Backgrounds

11:33 Any Cards you Wanted to Make?

12:08 How Did You Get The Job?

13:07 How Much Did You See of the Games Being Made?

13:44 Getting Nostalgic Over Harry Potter and Working on the Games

15:39 Future Work

16:44 Thank you Jeff!

Full version

Published with permission of the author of the channel. Many thanks Phil Of Glimmer ! 🙂

And thanks to our visitor emperor, for the hidden hint comment 🙂

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