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Hello everyone :-)


If you have a desire to help the project financially, then you here ;-)


Why do we need this?) The options are missing: you can help pay for hosting or simply motivate the site staff to continue to be an unofficial game support service for this topic. So what?)


Caveats / Notes (without them we can not ;-)):

1) everyone understands that this page is intended for our visitors who are already 18 years old. We are pleased if the desire to help arises and our young visitors, but still banking disgrace — the fate of adults ;-);

2) Given the sometimes unpredictable appetite of banks, we recommend that you check with your bank representative before the transfer, what commission they want to take for the transfer — we would be unhappy to learn that because of the help to our project the bank took too much from you;

3) after completing the translation, please let us know about it (in theory, we should receive a notification, but not enough) in the form of a comment to this page (to hide the message from the rest, you can add the word «secrets» in the comment) or letters. The current addresses are listed on the «About the Project» page (on this page the list of current addresses is supported).

4) please do not use pseudonyms, which are indecent words or something that should not be published on sites with age restrictions «from 12 years» (and sometimes some sometimes fantasy and strives to come up with something like this ;-)).


Please leave a message and we will show you the card details. This is necessary to harmonize the currency of the donation. By default, this is the euro.


Anyone who helps the project (if they want it) will be listed on this page under this spoiler ;-).

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