Fantastic news (our fantasies)

Let’s fantasize about what kind of news would be really useful for the community of fans of the story about Harry and his friends.

Probably, against the background of game services, this can be a very simple task 😉

So, what options would be interesting for our site? Um. But what 😉

Now we know the official version of Hogwarts!

The author of the novel hired a professional architect, who eventually created, according to the descriptions of the author of the novel, a three-dimensional model of Hogwarts and the main locations of the magical world. This made some inconsistencies with the already created films and appendices to books, but this will allow for more reliable presentation of locations and showing them in new films.

An official anthology of games for all relevant platforms has been announced

In order to please the fans of the magical world, an official anthology was created, covering all the years of Harry’s training. All parts of the anthology are sold through all major digital services and can work autonomously, even after the expiration of the official support period.

Announced a new game with support for custom modifications

Given the laboriousness of creating high-quality games, it was decided to release a new game containing a set of main locations and a full-fledged editor that allows you to expand the game world through custom modifications: new models, locations, events.

Fantasized АlехeyMS.

Automatic translation used.

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