Mr. Potter and Flash Technology


In January 2021, Adobe Flash technology (originally Macromedia Flash) officially retired: its support was removed from the current versions of operating systems and web browsers, and the official website simply indicates that the technology is no longer supported. Although … It is still possible to run standalone swf files. By binding the ActiveX component to some players.

This technology made it possible to play animations, videos in web browsers, and in later versions of this technology, it became possible to create even three-dimensional games. But more often it was used for displaying ad units on websites and primitive animations.

Although later, when it became possible to watch videos online, the technology was actively used to view video files.

According to the initial idea, the technology was very promising, as it allowed adding variety to simple-structured website pages, creating animations and even games. But more and more often, instead of normal use, users received messages that they needed to update the Flash player again, otherwise the game could not be started and the movie could not be watched.

As for Mr. Potter …

Games. There are several official and unofficial Flash games. True, they are a set of games that are simple in structure: they are more like slightly modified examples for learning a programming language.

Sites. Also this technology was used: the first official site of the first game, the KnowWonder site. You may notice in the video that the function of showing the animated mouse pointer may not work.

What’s the bottom line?

Initially, the technology was very promising. But with the development of the Internet and web standards, this technology eventually became outdated.
The magical world received from this technology a set of sites that have long disappeared from the Internet (if you do not take into account the web archive), a set of simple games and several demo applications on disks of additional materials that have long been forgotten.

Still, those who love Flash-based projects can continue to use their favorite swf files. This is very pleasing, because, unlike copyright holders, users need certain programs even after the end of their support period. Even if they are strange 😉

Shared thoughts: АlехeyMS

Special thanks to Serhiy1994 for the games provided.

A free version of SWF.max Flash Player was used to play swf-files. And some magic (thanks to the authors of the program for that nice instruction 🙂 ).

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