HP and Dark Lands. A few hints


On this page we provide some tips on the game. They are unlikely to help pass the game 100%, but some points will become clear.

It is not recommended to read this article to players who like to play games completely on their own 😉


  1. Myrtle can please at the beginning of the game. A spell, for example…
  2. Vertical stones in the fields have their secrets…


  1. Portrait (Shanks): Library – 4th floor, main. stairs.
  2. Portrait (Damara): Clock Tower – Ground floor.
  3. Portrait (Abbot): 1st floor – Transfiguration Yard.
  4. Portrait (Fronsac): Dungeon – 2nd floor.
  5. Portrait (Timothy Timid): 4th floor – Training field.

Rewards for searching for objects

  1. All gargoyles: a secret passage opens on the 2nd floor.
  2. Cups for Angelina: 2 blue, 2 blue, 1 green, 2 orange and 1 white bean.
  3. All owls: a hiding place opens at the top of the owlet.
  4. 4 peaceful ghosts: the entrance to the hall to the dragon opens.
  5. 4 chess pieces: launching the Dark Lands stage.
  6. 6 bushes for an elf: access to the kitchen.
  7. 5 lukotruses: 10 points.

The Dark Lands Stage

To exit the second location, you first need to find the blue key, and then get the ring. The ring will come in handy in the third location.

Where to look for owls

  1. The boathouse.
  2. Stairs from the paved courtyard.
  3. The teacher’s room is in the aisle.
  4. Dumbledore’s passage.
  5. After collecting the gargoyles, a passage will open on the 2nd floor.
  6. 4th floor on the balcony.
  7. 5th floor on a closed balcony.
  8. The courtyard of the clock tower.
  9. The area of the stone circle.
  10. At the gatehouse.
  11. Stone bridge.
  12. On the roof of the transfiguration courtyard, move the stone, where 10 gargoyles have 3 more owls.
  13. The Dark Tower.
  14. Suspension bridge.
  15. Training field (2).
  16. Near the willow tree.

Search for talking gargoyles (20 in total)

  1. The main courtyard.
  2. Viaduct entrance.
  3. 10 pieces on the roof (entrance through the transfiguration yard)
  4. On the 4th floor, on the balcony.
  5. At the hospital wing.
  6. Near Snape.
  7. On the roof (entrance on the 7th floor).
  8. Paved courtyard.
  9. Training field.
  10. The trasfiguration yard.

Potion of happiness

  1. Frog legs (10 pieces) can be found in Hogsmeade (in the forest, on top of the map).
  2. 5 orange beans.
  3. Tomato juice (take it in the kitchen or buy it in Hogsmeade).
  4. The stem of an aggressive plant (3 pieces)
  5. Lentils (found in greenhouses).

Search for onions (after Herbology), 10 points

  1. At the bells.
  2. At Snape’s dungeon (next to Pansy’s hiding place).
  3. In the hospital wing.
  4. In the office of divination.
  5. In Florenz’s office.

Ghost Search

1st on the 2nd floor; 4th in the secret corridor between the training field and the statue (sweet kingdom).

The noise at the rattlesnake willow

It is necessary to defeat the troll at night (and report the execution to Dennis).

The Troll in Hogsmeade

This task will be given by a girl in one of the houses. There are two forests in Hogsmeade – the first with toads, the second with a troll’s lair. In the house of the inhabitants of Hogsmeade, find a passage on the other side to pick up a coin, a frog.

Finding cups for Angelina

  1. A niche with brooms in the lobby.
  2. 1st floor.
  3. Bath of the elders.
  4. Hospital wing.
  5. 7th floor.
  6. 4th floor.
  7. 6th floor.
  8. The training field, in a small room at the entrance to the stadium.

Authors: Neitlyn, АlехeyMS (with edits by the author of the game).