Dark lands. What to look for where. Quick Notes


This article sometimes resembles encryption, but if you are looking for something, you will understand 😉

BOATHOUSE. An owl, torches, a box, a bean in a basket – leviosa. There is an badge on the island in the water, a ladder above – activate the emblem (there are 4 of them in total).

FROM THE PAVED COURTYARD. Owl, accio, bean, badge.

THE ROAD TO THE MAIN YARD from the barn by the stairs . Torches – open one of the chess pieces.

COURTYARD ENTRANCE. Talking gargoyle, candles, torches, badge, secret passage badge, owl, statue puzzle – see viaduct, accio badge.

The Director’s office will become the left side, the exit is also the right – it will teach alohomore.

LOBBY. Candles, Armor, a badge will give a statue by the window. To the left of the entrance is the Kitchen, to the right is the closet.

KITCHEN. Vase, the Elf will give the task, Inside the badge, take the juice for the potion.

The STATUE in the lobby has a TEACHER’S DOOR – there is a Stalk. Fireplace. There’s an owl in the aisle.

MAIN HALL. Music stand depulso-incendio, badge.

Task to find cups by castle: Filch’s cubicle, 1st floor, prefects’ bath, hospital, 7th floor, 4th floor, 6th floor, training field in a small room at the entrance to Quidditch – they will give beans: 2 blue, 2 blue, 1 green, 2 orange, 1 white.

Through the hall on the right at the end of the tapestry passage opens after the first duel with Cho, first go through the 3rd floor and get into the hall

LOBBY.  On the right is the entrance to the main staircase.

On the main Down passage.

CLASS 11 FIRENZEA. Board, badge.

To the right is a staircase of the DUNGEON, through it a passage to a paved courtyard.

Pink portrait of Damara, badge, candles, armor.


THE DOOR TO THE 1ST FLOOR. Brown portrait of Abbot 1 the door to the floor of the beginning is closed.Npass through the 1st floor to the stone bridge, to the transfiguration courtyard on the 2nd floor (OPEN FOR THE 6th TASK) Tapestry – badge, armor, vases, torches, a room in the utility room, a portrait Stamp.

STAIRS ON THE 2ND FLOOR. Brown portrait of Fronsac 2 passage through the 1st floor to the stone bridge, to the transfiguration courtyard on the 2nd floor There is a library, Flitwick’s office, a room with a college, classrooms – badge, second badge in the corridor, blue bean 2, Pince Training Hall – pass the quest about the password to the one-eyed witch, the door to Snape’s room on the stairs on the left – there’s a guy who needs a wand to find a talking gargoyle in the greenhouse, a badge.

PASSAGE TO THE ONE-EYED WITCH – armor, torch, move to the suspension bridge – see suspension bridge

STAIRS ON THE 3RD FLOOR. badge 3 the door to the floor of the beginning is closed – the passage to the suspension bridge opening to the 7th task – tapestries, armor. to go further – a secret passage, through it another way to the hall of awards is needed lumos – TO LEARN IN THE SWEET KINGDOM IN HOGSMEADE – blue beans, frogs 3, badge 2, accio,.  just below is a small corridor leading to the 3rd floor of the main staircase – torches.

STAIRS TO THE 4TH FLOOR. Through him to the hospital wing and to Hagrid Two pink portraits of Timid and Shanks.

4TH FLOOR. The door to the floor is first closed – a brown portrait of Rabnott, torches, green bean, armor, vases, a talking Gargoyle.. owl, badge, tapestry – board, riddle left top, left bottom, right top, center, right bottom – blue bean 4 frogs 8 badges, utility room door

5th FLOOR the door to the floor of the beginning is closed (opens as they talk to Hermione in the faculty living room) passage to Hagrid, passage to the Clock Tower, blue bean, Armor Torches

4 doors: to the Classroom, Wide to the elders’ Bath, To the utility room, To the balcony – owl 1, badges 2.

Stairs to the 6th floor-flight, brown portrait

6th FLOOR the door to the floor is first closed

Armor candles badge at the statue

Class – reducto boxes.

On the left to Slughorn’s office – blue bean, tapestries, an badge to play the piano – an badge, inside the door of the alohomora (will teach Dumby in the office)- toad armor badge 2 in the cabinets, the door to the passage on the right, the blue arrow badge and the door to the 7th floor.

7th FLOOR FROM THE MAIN STAIRCASE the door to the start floor is closed (will open after task 4), 1 badge. Brown portrait of Rabnott. Reparo vases. Green bean. 1 badge.

Door 1 to the classroom is a blue bean.

Door 1 to the classroom is a blue bean. Door 2 is closed at the time of the 5th task, she has a room-on-demand.

Door 3 Flitwick’s office.

Door 4 is closed at the time of the 5th task, the repeat badge and the passage for the 6th floor

In-room-on-demand bean properties table

Passage to the roof – gargoyle, riddle will give beans 4 blue 4 white, riddle passage – Talking gargoyle 2, reparo ladder- badge 2, box, , orange bean

On the left is the staircase to divination

THE DIVINATION ROOM is across the 7th floor. 1 badge, orange bean, blue bean.

Entrance to THE LIVING ROOM GRIFFINDORA. The board of excise. In front of the board on the left secret passage – a puzzle for the selection of numbers – the badge 1 accio (2-1-3-1-3-1-3-1) the number 1 is chosen by the opponent.

1 badge, Blue bean, Cabinets accio badge

The boys’ BEDROOM. The Blue Book of good memories, the Cauldron of Incendio.

The girls’ BEDROOM. To make fun of Hermione at night. Boiler badge

CLOCK TOWERpassage to the hospital wing and the courtyard of the clock tower – stone circle – to hagrid, stadium, owlet, exit Torches Incendio Box Reducto Talking Gargoyle 1 Lilac Portrait badge 1

CLOCK TOWER. YARD. Portrait of lilac Damara, torches, Green Bean, Owl, 2 badges,

On the left is a secret passage and then a passage to the puzzle of Depulso and Levios8 beans rainbow, blue, white blue orange, white badge board

HOSPITAL WINGpassage to the 4th floor, orange bean, badge, torches, boiler.

STONE CIRCLE Move the stone leviosoy – note = red bean on the 6th floor on the carpet Torches UP FROM THE CIRCLE IN THE GRASS PASSAGE ON THE LEFT, and on the way to the owlet badge. badge 1  Owl

HAGRID’S HUT. On the way, torches, Collect laurel grass, an accio badge, A book In the house, 1 badge.

OWLET HOUSE. Catch the owls, come for the prize badge of the stock boxes.


GATEHOUSE. A toad, a cauldron, a secret corridor with stones – an badge.

Find the basement in Hogsmeade where Dumbledore is with the priests. They will be asked to find a relic. A man from the gatehouse will come there.

STONE BRIDGE torches badge 1 accio, owl.

the court of the TRANSFIGURATION candles torches           Vase tapestry 2 badge white badge, bean 1 Talking gargoyle Brown portrait of the Abbot, the door to the classroom Reducto badge TOILET MYRTLE to find 4 Ghost at the library of walls, dungeons, 1st floor via a stone bridge in the passage from Quidditch 3rd floor. he will tell you about the passage at the washbasin Door 3 at the blue arrow, the task with the bells is to hit the depulso bell, run back down the corridor and walk out of the door along the arrow until the timer has passed, go into the open door and pick up the badge. THIS IS A GALLERY OF ACHIEVEMENTS. Here the door to the greenhouse, at the bells, before the 6th task is closed Below the door is still closed to the roof – near it is a passage to the VIADUCT In the courtyard entrance to the dark tower – Minerva’s office – boards, alohomora – badge passage to the 2nd floor – library, Pins, classroom, Flitwick On the roof boxes, puzzle – the accio badge at the statue,  to put a statue, a reducto in the wall 4 times will open a video place where to put the statue from the puzzle right there. gargoyle with a stone – move away – owl, talk to the statue again, will give 2 badges. The statue in the aisle of the Hogwarts mystery remains our own.
He rallied four faculties.
The former dream has become a reality.
will give an badge, GovGorgulya 10, blue red bean, torches, badge 5, owl 3 locked door on the roof – armor

I don’t know how to enter the last line. We need to find a sign with a verse on the roof.

DARK TOWER torches box 2 badge 1 owl 33 . VIADUCT ENTRANCE Talking Gargoyle Tapestry – Behind It Shield Emblem Hufflepuff Armor Torches Badge 1 Vases Cabinets Portrait Stamp

passage to the dungeons

LIBRARY Lilac Portrait Shanks Cabinets – riddle ” answer spider blue bean.

ENCHANTMENT 1 badge.The fireplace of Levios and incendio.

PAVED COURTYARD Torches Toad badge 1 Talking Gargoyle

VIADUCT through the dungeon reducer in the wall on the water activate the emblem of the ravenclaw DOOR TO the WILLOW through the viaduct.

At the time of the 7th task, it is closed. Defeat the willow tree, through it the entrance to the shrieking hut

DUNGEONS across the viaduct badge Torches armor badge Snape’s cabinet slug cabinet – badge, cauldron class, portrait of Fronsac.

SUSPENSION BRIDGE – owl, torch, badge, armor, vase, passage to the 3rd floor.

DADA. Depulso on the projector, boiler, torches, board, door, armor.

 HERBOLOGY The badge of the vase wand is a box behind the door after the lesson – a frog box, an orange bean, a blue bean.

TRAINING FIELD WITH HERBOLOGY Green bean badge, owl secret passage at the statue – bean lumos, frog, vase talking gargoyle, alohomora on the door – badge 1, toad riddle stones and the statue move. three here, the fourth on the roof. Pillars – Right, Center, right off, left, center off, right. – will open the passage of the one-eyed witch to Quidditch. – badge, torches A small room on the left in the roof – an owl badge On the stairs on the left, a cup in the door. Portrait of Timothy Timid, next to the passage stone circle- torches, Quidditch zone – badge in the grass badge where the stone.

RATTLESNAKE WILLOW. Owl, badge, 2 doors to unused rooms Alohomora armor box badge 3 blue bean torch fight with a fairy. gearbox – badge 1.

Author: Neitlyn