Dark Lands: information about the game


This page contains information that will be useful for beginners 🙂

The information is based on data published by the author of the game.

Control of the game:

Arrows – movement.

Z/Enter – action.

X/Esc – menu/back.

Shift – get/remove the magic wand.

1 – quick call of the Marauders’ map.

2 – quick access to the task log.

F4 – full-screen mode / windowed game mode.

F5 – show the game window resolution settings window and some other display options.

Alt+F12 – exit to the title screen of the game.

The game also supports gamepad control. But the purpose of the keys may depend on the specific model. For example, the author gives the following scheme.

Music and broadcasts

Since John Williams’ music can be blocked on services such as YouTube, the author of the game has prepared an alternative selection of music based on the work of Jeremy Soul. The download link is provided on the game menu page. It is enough to replace the music folder.


  • Try to find talking portraits on the walls at Hogwarts. You can pass through them and get to other places of the castle (in fact, these are teleports);
  • Try to find all 100 Hogwarts badges. The reward will be very good;
  • Set a goal for yourself to find three of the rarest red Bean Berties in the expanses of locations adjacent to Hogwarts and in Hogwarts itself. The reward for them will be very good;
  • The main pumping of heroes to the middle of the game is carried out by using non-combat spells and completing quests;
  • If you do not know what is best to do at the moment and what to do in the game at all – study the logs of the main tasks, additional tasks and a notebook of notes;
  • In the game, during the passage of the storyline, the positions of minor characters, their dialogues and quests may change. Therefore, if you have been to some location or room, it may be useful to visit these places again.

NOTE: the game does not require an installed RTP (a set of resources for RPG Maker) on the computer. Immediately launch the game and play.

Paraphrased the author’s text: AlexeyMS