LEGO HP: 1-4 Years. Red Detail Arrangement (correction required)


This article lists the locations of the red detals.

1. Fall Rescue
Gryffindor Tower. Bedroom boys. You need to open the chest, located next to the bed of Harry (and owl cell).
2. Collect Ghost Studs
The main courtyard. You need to break the gargoyles at the fountain and collect armor.
3. Fast dig
Stone circle (to the left of Hagrid’s hut). It is necessary to collect a cloud of gray discs, raise it and move this cloud from left to right, from right to left, until 4 groups of flowers grow. These flowers need to be broken.
4. Character Details (Character Studs)
Great Hall. You need to find a turkey at the far edge of the table on the left, send a spell into it and wait for its animation to end.
5. X2 (Score x2)
Clock Tower. You need to arrange a small clock according to the color labels.
6. X4 (Score x4)
Bedroom of Slytherins. Need to pay attention to the bed of Draco
7. X6 (Score x6)
The Cabinet of Muggle Studies. You need to send a spell to the printer and wait a bit.
8. X8 (Score x8)
Bathroom Heads. You need to fix the taps and turn on the water.
9. X10 (Score x10)
Utility room in Snegg’s office. You need to find 3 green keys, open the locks with them, assemble the ladder from left to right (you need: Kryukovh, student Puffenduya (or Professor Dumbledore).
10. Hogwarts Crest Detector
The living room of the Kogtevran. You need to collect a huge bird, using the details that lie on the floor. Bird need to pay attention, in the form of a spell.
11. Christmas (Christmas)
Bedroom Puffenduytsev (Hufflepuffs). You need to grow a tree and break all the flowers on it.
12. Gold Brick Detector
Councilor. You need to use the flywheel of time, go up to the 2nd floor, assemble the projector and cast a spell on it.
13. Red Brick Detector
Forbidden section of the library. Cabinet, which is located near the far right corner. You need to arrange the books according to the colors of their covers.
14. Regenerate Hearts
Cabinet of protection against the dark arts (Ridiculus!). Utility room with gears. You need to defeat 5 boggarts that appear from the chests.
15. Detail Magnet (Stud Magnet)
Next to the stadium. Use the flywheel time. In the far right corner is a large ice floe that needs to be split.
16. Singing Mandrake
Greenhouses. Greenhouse on the right. You can get there by unlocking the door in the Herbal class.
17. Fast Magic (Fast Magic)
Dark Arts Protection Cabinet (Reducto!). Black ball You need a dark wizard.
18. Character Detector
Utility room in the Spells cabinet (Lumos!). You need a dark serpent character (Tom Riddle, Volan de Mort), as well as Griphook
19. Invincibility
Dumbledore Cabinet. It is enough to approach the phoenix
20. Extra Hearts
Cabinet of spells (Wingardium Leviosa). Black ball. You need a dark wizard

Investigated plastic Hogwarts: АlехeyMS

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