LEGO HP: 5-7 years. Red Detail Arrangement


Strong Strength. Any character can pull the orange pens available only to a strong character. Location: location where the Weasley twins were entertaining (the entrance to it is located on the right in the location in front of the Great Hall).

Character Token Detector. White arrows indicating the location of the character icon. Sometimes points to icons in the next location. Location: Divination Cabinet.

Fall Rescue. When a character tries to fall somewhere, a certain purple glow returns him to a safe place. Location: Hogwarts Library.

Character Details (Character Studs). Details that have fallen from the character, you can collect. Location: Hogwarts, Great Hall. A dark character is required.

Extra Hearts. Increases the number of hearts – the length of the health indicator. Location: Hogwarts, office of protection from the dark arts.

Regenerate Hearts. The health of the character is gradually restored (?). Location: Forbidden Forest

Magnet Detail (Stud Magnet). The money details are collected by the character from a much greater distance. Location: Hogwarts, 8th floor (on this floor there is a room for help).

Score X2. Multiplies the profit by 2. Location: Hogsmeade village, snowman.

Score X4. Multiplies the profit by 4. Location: platform 9 and 3/4. Knowledge of Diffindo is required.

Score X6. Multiplies the profit by 6. Location: “narrow-range” location between Hogsmeade Station and Hogsmeade itself.

Score X8. Multiplies your profit by 8. Location: location between Hogsmeade Station and Hogwarts. Pay attention to the scarecrow.

Score X10. Multiplies the profit by 10. Location: the stairs at the Black Lake (to the right of the stone circle).

Invincibility. The character becomes invulnerable to spells and attacks of enemies: the level of vital energy does not change. Location: Location in front of the Divination Cabinet.

Red Brick Detector. Red arrows pointing to the place where the red part-parcel should be located. Location: Hogsmeade Station.

Hogwarts Crest Detector. Colored arrows pointing to objects on which the appearance of the coats of arms of Hogwarts (red, blue, yellow and green) depends. Location: location in front of the entrance to the Great Hall.

Gold Brick Detector. Indicates the location of the gold parts (which need to collect 200 pieces). Arrows-triangles of gold (yellow) color. Location: on the street in London, on the right, throwing garbage into the back of a garbage truck.

Christmas. All characters wear Santa Claus hats. Location: forest, available from 7 years. We unblock a fly-like vehicle and drive over it on 5 mushrooms with red hats.

Collect Ghost Studs. Details left by ghosts become a source of income for the character. Location: one of the courtyards of Hogwarts (with a tree in the far right corner).

Fast Magic. Spells run faster. Location: Hogwarts Astronomical Tower.

Fast Dig. Pets and shovel characters dig much faster. Location: Hogwarts, location “Stone Circle” (near Hagrid’s hut).

Comedy Specs. This detail does not need to be searched.

Advanced Guide. This detail does not need to be searched.

Disguise. All characters wear original masks. This detail does not need to be searched.

Carrot Wands. All magic wands are replaced by carrots. This detail does not need to be searched.

Studied red details: АlехeyMS