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“The Chamber of Secrets” is based on the plot of the second film and book. In addition to the main story, Harry will have to search for caches, collect cards, dodge magic creatures and solve the magic puzzles built into the castle. On our site, the most fully reviewed version of the games for the computer, as the most affordable for use. Versions of games for consoles to TV (game consoles) and portable gaming devices are considered at a minimum.

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Yandex.Disk | Google.Drive | Mega.nz


Pasta (Windows Vista+): Documentos\Harry Potter II\Save (6 pastas equivalentes aos 6 saves disponíveis no jogo)

Pasta (Windows XP): My documents\Harry Potter II\Save (6 pastas equivalentes aos 6 saves disponíveis no jogo)

Save 1 (7z, slot1; 829 KB). Yandex.Disk. Epílogo. O jogo está terminado, podes andar livremente pelo castelo. Autor: Alexms69.


PlatformEmulatorSize of image
GBCVisualBoy Advance4 MB
GBAVisualBoy Advance8 MB
PS1ePSXe600-700 MB
PS2pcsx2 1.5 + Patch5 GB
GameCubeDolphin1.35 GB

Genre: Adventure, quest

Developer: KnowWonder (PC, GameBoy Color), Argonaut Games (PlayStation One), Eurocom (GameBoy Advance, Xbox, Nintendo Gamecube, PlayStation 2), Aspyr Media (версия для Mac)

Publisher: Electronic Arts

Platforms: PC (Windows, Mac OS X 10.5-10.8), PlayStation, PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube, Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Color

Release date: 14 Nov 2002

Age restrictions: without restrictions (according to ESRB E).

Approximate size of the installer: 535 MB.


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Búlgaro: texto

Chinês (trad., simpl.): texto

Coreano: dobragem, texto

Dinamarquês: dobragem, texto

Espanhol: dobragem, texto

Finlandês: dobragem, texto

Francês: dobragem, texto

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Inglês: dobragem, texto

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Tcheco: texto

System requirements

Sistema Operativo: Windows 98/Me/XP, Mac OS X

Processador: Intel Pentium II MMX 300 MHz ou melhor

RAM, MB: 64

Placa de vídeo: 4 MB placa de vídeo (Software rendering), 8 MB placa de vídeo (Hardware rendering); compatível com DirectX 8, 9.0c

Soundcard: compatível com DirectX 8, 9.0c

Espaço livre no disco (SSD, Flash): 600 MB

Dispositivos de entrada: teclado e rato

DirectX: 8.1 ou 9.0c (as versões mais recentes não são adequadas)