Fantastic Beasts: Cases

"Fantastic Beasts: Cases" (Android), "Fantastic creatures: a consequence of magicians" (iOS). The game consists of several investigations. The player needs to investigate crime scenes, find evidence, interview witnesses and eventually find out: which creature was the cause of the next incident. The game poses some danger for young players, since, starting from the second case, the game process artificially slows down. To accelerate it is necessary to buy in-game currency (crystals) for real money. But if you have patience, then the game can be played for free, but it will take a lot of time (some timers slow the execution of the stage of the case to 18 hours already in the third case).

The main difference from classic games: you pay not for the whole game, but for the right to play without delay for a few hours (in free mode, before almost every promotion of the story, a timer starts that can be reset by buying in the built-in online store in-game currency for real money). In this case, if you have to pay for each passage of each location, if you do not want to wait a few hours until the character can do the next couple of steps.

Given this feature of the gameplay, our site is unlikely to help with the passage of this and similar games.

The magic world should not be financially dangerous for young players.

Age restrictions: for children from 12 years (Pegi 12+)

Platforms: Android, iOS

Developer: Mediatonic, Publisher : -

Placez la carte mémoire: 300 MB.

Connexion à Internet: illimitée

Release date: 2016-11-17