Modification “Test level. Library” (CS)



Technical modification. It is a location, like a library room. The goal the level — show embodiments of the caches on the basis of book-shelves.

MOD uses a third-party packages modified textures. Therefore, there may be problems with the portrayal of the conflict, and some textures names package texture with MODs other authors.

Author: CandyMaks

Main game: Chamber of Secrets

Difficulty: Low

Date Added: 2016-06-22

Download ???

To author’s folders


Example of installation of modification (MOD)

Extract from the archive folder of modification and copy them to a folder with the game


  • run the game with debug mode enabled;
  • choose any save that can be ruined (it is better to start a new game and get to the point where you have control of Harry);
  • go To the menu by pressing Esc;
  • press F4;
  • in the list to find the file mtotsamyj_test_level_library2.unr and to apply to it, double-click the primary mouse button (default – left).

Note: after downloading the modification from any site, be sure to scan it with antivirus software.

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