Modification “Adventures of Goyle” (CS)


Goyle missed the lessons and he does not know the spells of Rictusempra and Skurge, and every Slytherin must know these spells! It’s time to correct! Professor Snape prepared the tests of Rictusempra and Skurge. There is a chance that Goyle will pass the tests and find the caches, the stars.

Author: Igor_Potterman

Main game: Chamber of Secrets

Difficulty: High

Date Added: 2017-09-01

Download ???

To author’s folders


Example of installation of modification (MOD)

Extract from the archive folder of modification and copy them to a folder with the game


  • run the game with debug mode enabled;
  • choose any save that can be ruined (it is better to start a new game and get to the point where you have control of Harry);
  • go To the menu by pressing Esc;
  • press F4;
  • in the list to find the file IgorPotterman_Goyle_RictuSkurge.unr and to apply to it, double-click the primary mouse button (default – left).

Video Walkthrough (can be used cheats)

Note: after downloading the modification from any site, be sure to scan it with antivirus software.

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