MODs from Dmitry “Lemon”/OLDГеймер. Texture packs


I. Files on which Dmitry’s modifications depend

To eliminate problems with versions of texture packages and reduce the size of the modifications themselves, we created three sets of textures that are needed for all modifications of the author.

Texture packs are installed as usual modifications: just unpack their contents into the game folder (where the system, textures, music subfolders are located).

1. Packages from the Philosopher’s Stone game.

This package contains the following packages:

Harry Potter.utx, HP_1st.utx, HP_3rd.utx, hp_b.utx, HP_Basic.utx, HP_BroomTraining.utx, HP_C.utx, HP_FX.utx, HP_K.utx, HP_Outside.utx, HP_PD.utx, HP_portrait.utx, HP_Quidditch.utx, HP_T.utx, Hub2_Greenhouse.utx, Hub_3_Lumos.utx, Hub_3_troll.utx

Date of creation: 2019-06-20

Size: 33 MB, check sum (SHA-1): 26D01432042BB301DE26D1AB7EA3E2909A27ECF8

Google Drive, Yandex.Disk

2. Non-upgradeable packages.

Updating this kit is not planned

Date of creation: 2020-07-19

Size: 139 MB, check sum (SHA-1): 8BCD9DF70A2C1568738AC49BF51790B1D5B32E6D

Google Drive

3. Updatable packages.

This set can be updated after the release of new modifications

Date of creation: 2019-06-20

Size: 13 MB, check sum (SHA-1): A49A401C5E875B659F228C98A8CAFC085A55AE49

Google Drive, Yandex.Disk