Characters and objects. Adding and destroying


Let’s look at some of the most popular situations.

How to create a burrow from which the gnome will not get out?

  1. Decide on a place for a burrow (make a small room, fence off something)
  2. Put a Pawn — HPawn — Despawner object in it (or Pawn — KPawn — HPawn — Despawner, the names of some nodes depend on the specific editor).
  3. Add a Gnome Home object (decorative entrance to the burrow). This is optional.
  4. If necessary, increase the radius of action of the Despawner object.
    As soon as the gnome gets to this object, it will disappear, turning into beans + the sound of a gnome flying away somewhere will appear.

How to make firecrabs disappear in traps?

  1. Set the firecrab property bDespawnable to True (KWPawn – bDespawnable to True).
  2. Trap the destroyer Pawn — HPawn — Despawner (Pawn — UWPawn — KWPawn — Despawner).
  3. If necessary, increase the radius of action of the Despawner object.A side effect noticed is that after the fire crab hits Despawner, the fire crab may not disappear until it disappears from the field of view of the game camera (Harry).

How to determine the size of gnomes and others

First we take any object, add it.
Then go into the subject parameters, look for Display, DrawScale and DrawScale 3D, enter your size. And that’s it.

How to add a bandimun (some nasty green thing with warts)

  1. Put these creatures on the level in the right places.
  2. Immediately assign one Tag to the entire group in Events.
  3. Put the most common trigger and in its Events on the Event line write off the name of the group of wonderful monsters.
  4. In the trigger properties on the line TriggerOnceOnly (it seems to be written like that or similar), change False to True.

Now when you save the level and pass this trigger (or its place) on it Bandimuns “will rise from the bowels of the earth.” The most disgusting and painful way to earn candy.

Determined the size of the actors… Candymaks, bandimuns were studied by Arachne Spider.