Copying parts of a level


Perhaps. you’ve had a situation where you really want your mod to have a fragment from the original level of the game. Basically. this is usually not difficult to do if everything is done correctly. The basic procedure is listed below.

  • Open 2 instances of the editor
  • In one instance of the editor (1) open a file from which you need to borrow something
  • In the second instance of the editor (2), it is supposed to make its own level based on the inserted fragment
  • In the editor (1) select the desired fragment of the scene and copy it to the clipboard (Copy item in the menu)
  • In the editor (2) insert the copied fragment
  • We remove unnecessary elements, including unnecessary triggers, characters and other objects and actors
  • Close the editor (1) without saving and continue working in the editor (2).

If you want to use a level geometry from another Unreal Engine 1-based game, then you may need to export the level to t3d format and then import it in your current game’s editor.

For some games, a direct attempt to open a level file in Metallicafan212’s Harry Potter 2 editor may work.

But it’s better, of course, to copy fragments from the same game, because it’s easier that way 😉