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In the first games, Harry collects candy, cards with beautiful portraits, potion ingredients and potions themselves. Let’s remember how it works.

How do I put a card or some character, beans, in the chest?

It works fine in the Chamber of Secrets (there are problems with this in the Philosopher’s Stone).
Go to the properties of the chest (for example, a bronze chest).

bMakeSpawnPersistent = True
bRandomBeans = False
EjectedObjects - 0 - select and specify a card or a character from the tree of actors.
(cells 1-7 are not touched)
iNumberOfBeans = 100 - specify how many beans you need to put

How to make the red bottle with beans (DecanterSpawn) disappear after the beans are issued?

You need to set the value of the property: Generic Spawner – bDestroable = True.
Similarly for boxes (CigarBoxSpawn, JewelBoxSpawn, MusicBoxSpawn), armors (Knightspawn), flower pots (PlantPotSpawn), watering cans (OilCanSpawn).
For obviously disposable cans with bark (BarkSpawn) and mucus (MucusSpawn), this property has already been set.

How do I set the number of Flipendo spells after which beans in caskets, armor run out?

You need to set a value for the property: Genericspawner – Lives

In this parameter, you need to set the number of “lives”. If you specify “1”, then the beans will run out after the first use. If 6 – players are tormented to extract beans 😉

Limits are set in the Limits property. The number of lives depends on these limits.

Applicable to most items from which beans can be extracted.

By the way, you can make all kinds of objects fly out of vases (when breaking)…

Answer: (provided by our visitor with the pseudonym Kram)

  1. In the actors tree: Pawn — HPawn — HFlipendo — select Flipendovasebronze and place it in the level.
  2. In the properties of FlipendoVaseBronze, select the SpellEffects line and make the following settings:
editor's settings

In this case, I chose the star of the workshop, but you can choose any other object that will appear when the vase is broken.