Arachne Spider Lessons


Creating a CutScene

If CutScene should occur when the level is started, then it is necessary for the property Event of object PlayerStart add Cut_(the name of the cut file)) and put next to it the object Keypoint-CutFactory. And LookTarget as camera and motion points, assign the desired Tag for example: Point1. One of them should contain the same as PlayerStart, but in Tag and opposite the character (or his future stop).

[Sequence_0] PawnTag=Camera 
line_0=TargetFlyTo Point2 
line_1=FlyTo Point1 
line_2=sleep 4 
line_3=TargetFlyTo Point3 
line_4=FlyTo Point2 time=2.5 
line_5=sleep 1 
line_6=trigger Door 
line_7=FlyTo Point3 time=4 
line_8=sleep 2 
line_9=TargetFlyTo Point5 
line_10=FlyTo point4 time=1 
line_11=sleep 4 
line_12=TargetFlyTo Point5 
line_13=trigger CutDoor 
line_14=FlyTo Point5 time=10 
line_15=say pc_her_ADV7FlyTowrExit_14 
line_16=sleep 1 
line_17=Cue AllDone [Sequence_1] PawnTag=ONEXIT line_0=Hermione switchControlToMe

Creating a movable element (Mover)

First you need to create a model Mover and save it to your package Staticmesh or take a ready-made one.

Then select the model and right-click on the parallelepiped and select Mover. Place a new model with a purple outline, then go to its window with the right mouse button and select Key1-the location of the object after exposure to it.

Also, for more beauty, you can make more of these, and then similarly press key0.

We have done everything with the move points, now we will make the motion dependence. If you want a simple door without casting spells, then you don’t need to do anything, and if you want a one-way ticket or with a spell, then do the following: in the properties of the mover in the group called Object in the line where you have BumpOpenedTime or similar, select TriggerTongle. Then set the Spell Trigger and select a spell in the Reachion group. Go back to the mover, in the Events section on the Tag line, write the name of the object once for each moving wall or platform. Go back to the trigger and the same group only on the event line should be assigned the name of the wall to be moved. Then think over the interactions and physics yourself, or test.

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