Video from Mister Kram):

Older text instruction:

  1. Setting the shape of the brush (for example 32 a 256 by 256)
  2. In the top row, select: Brush= Add Mover or click on the button that shows a parallelepiped with arrows (see image 1; )
  3. Right-click on Mover, find: Movers= The column comes out. There we click:
    Show Polys and then paint the Mover into the textures we need
    Now click Key0 (base)
    Then Key1
    Then we move the Mover to where we want it to move.
    And click Key2 (see image 2😉
  4. In the Mover properties, we set the following values (see image 3😉
    Where KeyNum=0 is the number of “frames” (positions of the mover) by which it will return back
    MoveTime is the time of movement of the Mover
    Trigger toggle is the property of the Mover to move due to the trigger.
  5. Install Spell Trigger (spell trigger) and make the following settings (see image 4😉
    Where eVulnerableToSpell is a spell that can be used to trigger Mover
    bTriggerOnceOnly is a property of the trigger operation: constantly or once.