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You may have wondered how many spells actually support the first computer games about Harry’s adventures, for the computer.

In fact, these games support exactly as many spells as you’ve seen in these games themselves. But if you look into the settings of spell triggers and other components of games, you will get the following data: in the first game there are about 18 spells, in the second 27. Well, in the third there are 25 of them.

But the spells that are missing in the gameplay are either not implemented at all, or partially implemented. For example, Avifores in the first game: the resources of the game have all the necessary resources, but this spell never became part of the gameplay. Although there were even hints created about how to use it.

In general, here are the lists of spells that are mentioned in the code of computer games (Windows, Mac).

Chamber of Secrets

  1. Alohomora
  2. Incendio
  3. LocomotorWibbly
  4. Lumos
  5. Nox
  6. Petrificus Totalus
  7. Wingardium Leviosa
  8. Verdimillious
  9. Vermillious
  10. Flintifores
  11. Reparo
  12. Mucor Ad Nauseum
  13. Flipendo
  14. Ectomatic
  15. Avifores
  16. FireCracker
  17. Transfiguration
  18. WingSustain
  19. Diffindo
  20. Skurge
  21. Spongify
  22. Rictusempra
  23. Ecto
  24. Fire
  25. Duel Rictusempra
  26. Duel Mimblewimble
  27. Dual Expelliarmus

Prisoner of Azkaban

  1. AlohomoraSpell
  2. baseSpell
  3. BundimunSpell
  4. Debris
  5. DementorSpell
  6. DepulsoSpell
  7. DraconisForsFireSpell
  8. DraconisForsSpell
  9. EctoSpell
  10. FireCrabSpell
  11. GlaciusSpell
  12. IncendioSpell
  13. LapiforsSpell
  14. LumosSpell
  15. PatronumDementorSpell
  16. PatronumSpell
  17. Projectile
  18. ProjectileSpell
  19. RetractumSpell
  20. RictusempraSpell
  21. RictusempraSpell_Combat
  22. SalamAttackSpell
  23. SalamRespawnSpell
  24. SpongifySpell
  25. VerdimillousSpell

Well, now let’s look at some examples of the use of technical magic.

We teach Harry all the implemented spells

To do this, HP2 has a special trigger – TriggerTurnOnAllSpells
It’s enough for Harry to pass through it and all the spells available in the game will become known to him. You can find more information about triggers in other sections of our website.

We use the spell Spongify in HP2

  • Draw 4 cubes of 512 in size so as to form a kind of _|¯ so that there is where to take off from and where to land.
  • We put down the light, add the starting point and Harry.
  • We texture the floor, walls, doors.
  • Draw a cube 32x128x128 – a launch pad, assign it the texture of a serpentine mat. Click Subtract, then Add.
  • Click on the upper polygon of the cube, Surface properties -> Scale: 0.5.
  • We select SpongifyPad in the tree of actors, place it on the launch pad.
  • A little lower in the tree we find the SpongifyTarget, place it where we want to fly.
  • Right-click on SpongifyTarget ->Properties ->Events -> Tag: write something.
  • Right-click on SpongifyPad ->Properties ->Events -> Event: write the same as we wrote in the step above; -> Tag: write something, but different from the previous word.
  • We put TOAC, build, save.

The text description was compiled by Serhiy1994, based on a video from Koops1997.

Prisoner of Azkaban. Disabling rabbit/dragon control with a trigger (Dmitry “Lemon”)

We put MessageTrigger (located in the triggers branch). Set tag (for example LapiforOff) set event (LapiforPawn or AviforPawn), open the settings tab MessageTrigger and in the line nOnEvent we write: EndCreaturePossess. Done. When the trigger is activated, the rabbit/dragon turns off and control returns to Hermione.

The trigger must be connected to a thing that is activated by a creature, for example, to a door.

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