Hogwarts Legacy Announced

At the presentation of Sony Playstation 5, the announcement of a new game with an adult rating was shown.

According to earlier information and this announcement, the action will take place in the 19th century. Therefore, most likely there will be no characters familiar to us.

Well, since the Hogwarts Express will only be built in the 1850s, the flying carriage looks quite logical.

Judging by the description, the plot will be a cross between the latest EA game (2011) and a fan game HP and Dark Lands (in Russian) (2009/2020). You control a student at Hogwarts who holds some key to an ancient secret that will require a lot of fighting.

At the same time, the Personal computer is also listed among the platforms. And this is already of interest 😉

Announcement on the Playstation channel.

Looked at the announcement: АlехeyMS

Thanks to Vitaly Kalinin, Andrew and OlegGameChannel for materials for this news 🙂

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