Computer components. RAM


RAM is a type of computer memory that is used for temporary storage of resources, data for calculations. After the computer is turned off, it does not store anything. All important programs are saved as files on hard disk or solid-state drive (SSD).

An interesting feature of this memory is that a piece of it can be used as video memory by an integrated video card.

When there is not enough RAM, the operating system uses a swap file (Windows, Linux) or a swap partition (Linux) on hard drive or SSD.

The hard drive works much slower than the RAM chips, so the computer starts to “slow down”. The more the hard disk is used as RAM, the slower the computer works.

Well, if the computer is used only by Muggles who do not know about spell programs for hard drives, then the computer slows down even more.

Therefore, there is not a lot of RAM 😉 Its volume is limited by its cost, model and capabilities of the motherboard.

Games react differently to the lack of RAM:
– they do not load the next batch of Voldemort’s servants and huntsmen (games based on 7 and 8 films);
– they may not start at all;
– they can work extremely slowly and with errors (especially if there is not enough RAM, and even an integrated video card takes part of it for their needs and even there is not enough file or swap partition).

To avoid unpleasant moments, before installing the game, you need to review its computer requirements. If the amount of RAM meets the recommended requirements, the game should have enough of it. Exceptions are when, in addition to the game, the user runs several more programs, and also uses an integrated video card 😉

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