Video review of the Chamber of Secrets pre-build


As you know, in August 2018, a preliminary assembly of the “Chamber of Secrets” for the computer appeared on the network. We decided to try to play it and release a video review in which to show all the levels available for launching and pay attention to the differences in them from the final build of the game.

We focused on the game itself, so this review does not contain descriptions of the contents of the game folders or fragments of the source code.

As you can see, in 2 months the game has received a new interface (icons, menus), and also got rid of most of the flaws and errors. At the same time, some levels have changed slightly.

Well, here’s the review itself:

Video review by Nixxo (2022, in English, 16+)

Original video (2018, in Russian, 12+)

If this video review somehow violates copyright, it will be deleted at the first request of the copyright holder.

Studied history: АlехeyMS, Nixxo.