The graphics card (videocard) is designed for drawing and displaying various images on the screen – from displaying a text interface to creating complex graphic effects. Often, the graphics card’s own computing power is used for video processing and additional calculations.

As a rule, video cards can be divided into 2 types:

  • simplified, usually embedded in the system board of the computer and not designed to work with modern gaming programs. Such video cards are called integrated, that is, “embedded”. Integrated video cards can be integrated both into the motherboard and directly into the processor. The main feature: such devices usually do not have their own video memory, so they use part of RAM for their own purposes, which should be taken into account if RAM is relatively small;
  • full-fledged video cards designed to work with graphically complex programs, which include most computer games. Such video cards are called discrete. Usually they can boast of their own memory (video memory) and a more complex internal architecture. Some video cards can work in groups of two or more, combining their computing abilities to solve one common task.

Video cards and games about Harry

With the first games (on the theme of the first two films), quite old computers released in the second half of the 1990s could work.

The i845 chipsets popular in 2002-2004, with at least 256 MB of RAM could already allow their owner to play a game on the theme of the third and fourth films. Well, the increase in memory to 512-1024 MB allowed them to cope well even with the game versions of the fifth and sixth films.

Video cards are part of not only computers, but also other computing devices, for example, game consoles.

In miniature computers (like Raspberry Pi), the video card, processor and RAM can be located inside one complex chip.

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