Chamber of Secrets for PC. Walkthrough


The site clearly lacked a description of the passage of this game. We are correcting this shortcoming: we are slowly adding a description of the passage and cross-references to the pages about the cards.

Privet Drive

We are watching a cut-scene about the events on that street.

London, Diagon Alley

We watch a cut-scene about the events in the store and further…


We pass to the left and forward – to a huge willow root. We catch the moment and run under it at the very wall. We run into the corridor and collect beans, activate the gargoyle with a spell and pass through the wall… First save, don’t forget to shake the beans out of the statue.

We exit the tunnel, push the chest, with its help we climb onto the platform. We overcome another root, still at the very wall. Open the chest (there’s a frog), open the hiding place behind the “crack in the wall” with a spell.

Next, we overcome another root, save Ron by directing the spell to the right part of the tree. After Ron’s rescue and Ford’s escape, we run into the tunnel after Ron, who now becomes our guide. With the help of a gargoyle, we get a step and approach the next save point.

Next, jump to the left and collect beans, toads, then go down and push the platform, jump on it and run after Ron. With the help of a gargoyle, we free the way, using a spell on the button, we restore the ladder. We are approaching a small hall. In front of him on the right is a niche – we use a spell on it – there is a secret zone (beans)…

We go into a small hall – there is the first card.
Bronze card No. 7 “Hesper Starkey”

Using a spell, we extract beans from armor and fountains.

Night Hogwarts

We run down the corridor, go down to the courtyard. Do not forget to empty the caches (they will be updated in the daytime Hogwarts).

1. To the right of the statue (if you look from the side of the corridor from which we exit).
2. On a hill near the right wall of the castle (we go to the castle).
3. Secret zone – go near the left wall of the castle to the rectangular button. The spell on the button opens the cache.
4. Go down the stairs – between the passages overgrown with vines.
The cache with the map is not specified – it will be specified in the description of the caches of the yard.

On the way to the living room

We climb the stairs, listen to Ron, climb the stairs, approach the picture, then watch the cut scene.

To the lesson of DADA (Rictusempra, the Great Lockhart)

We follow Ron, after loading the level with movable ladders, we listen to Sir Nicholas, learn about the purpose of the silver cards, go up to the desired floor, listen to Argus Filch, collect beans (wherever possible), turn right – come.

Learning the spell “Rictusempra”

We listen to Lockhart, press the arrow keys when necessary and go to the workshop.
We get acquainted with the firecrabs, drive the first one into the pit, go to the next room, where we take a star, stand on the platform with a hint where to stand, drive the firecrab into the pit. The platform is rising.
After lifting, we notice a chest at the same height. Open it and get the card.

Bronze card No. 63 “Herman Withringham” (?)

If desired, we go down and take a couple of beans, then we go up and take a toad. The hall with snails and firecrabs: we drive the crabs deeper into the cages until they are completely isolated – we get a chest with a map, we drive the snails into the pits – we get 2 stars and access to the next part of the level. We get them with the help of platforms and Harry’s excellent physical shape 😉

Silver card No. 23 “Glenda Chittock”

Passage with two snails: we drive the snails into the recesses and get the beans. Location with a gnome: we catch a gnome, throw it into a hole, in the secret zone behind the portrait of Lockhart, we take the beans and save the game. Then we climb the stairs, look into the niche – toad on the left, a chest with a card on the right.

Bronze card No. 76 “Myron Wagtail”

The corridor with the firecrabs: drive them into the depths of the cells – until the way forward is open. We take the star.
Corridor with snails: we drive both into the designated places.

Hall: we drive the firecrab into the niches reserved for them – we get steps on both sides. We go up to the left, take the bean, knock the firecrab down, open the door with Lockhart’s portrait, use the gargoyle and take the star, go down. Next, we climb to the “right step”, collect beans, take a toad, press the button on the wall, get beans and a map.

Silver card No. 56 “Gideon Crumb”

We push the deck and go further (down). We stop at the fork – there is a chest with beans and a map on the right.

Bronze card No. 93 “Heathcote Burbury”

We go down, “say hello” to the snail and collect beans. Soon we find ourselves in a room with a puzzle: rings with portraits of Lockhart are placed along the walls, at some height. Closer to the center of the hall is a structure with three buttons (Flipendo). With their help, you need to rotate the ring so that the portraits on the rings on the left correspond to the pattern on the door. If everything is done correctly, the door on the left will open, where you need to collect the beans and press the button in the floor. We look at the screensaver and understand why the button is needed. We do the same with the door on the right.

After the platform with the star drops to the floor, we take the star and unlock the central door. We pass, not forgetting to collect beans on the left. Then we go up in the elevator and unfold Harry – behind the chest with beans.

Let’s move on. We drive the snails into their designated places, not forgetting to remove the shutters with portraits of an unknown wizard 😉 Activate the gargoyle, notice the secret zone on the right. We are approaching the abyss. Do not forget about the cache on the right (there are beans).

We overcome the abyss and drive the firecrab into the hole. we pass through the unlocked door. Then we descend, overcome the corridor with snails, climb up. Do not forget to take a star, catch a frog, take beans from a vase.
In the semi-darkness we notice a chest. There’s a card.

Bronze card No. 94 “Merton Graves”

What follows is a surprise with two firecrabs. We drive both of them into the places reserved for them, go ahead. A star is waiting for us here, and after walking a little forward, we notice a chest with a card on the right.

Bronze card No. 78 “Orsino Truston”

We collect beans. Saving the game.
Press the button on the wall and a room with a chest opens on the right, where beans and a card are lying.

Silver card No. 68 “Kirley Duke”

We exit the corridor to the last location of the level. First of all, we drive / dump all the firecrabs into a hole in the center. Those fire crabs that are located higher do not always reach there and they need to be directed there by going down (to the corridor from which they recently left). As soon as there are 4 crabs in the pit, you can dump Harry himself there: there is a narrow door with a portrait of Lockhart waiting for him. Open it and move on.

Do not forget to visit the secret area behind the door with a portrait of Lockhart. In it we find two buttons with which we get into the room with the gnome, throw the gnome into the hole, take the card.

Silver card No. 34 “Donagan Tremlett”

We take the star and leave the secret zone. Now you need to climb up, overcoming the ascent and movable “pushers”. We take the main star, listen to Lockhart and the level is over!

Award ceremony

We go to the award ceremony or pass the level again, if all the stars are not collected in the Rictusempra spell workshop.
If everything is fine, then Harry gets into the Prize (bonus) level.

Bonus level

We collect beans.


We leave the castle and go to Quidditch practice, participate in the first match.To get the maximum number of faculty points, you need to win all 6 matches, which can be facilitated by a broom and armor that you can buy from Fred and George Weasley a few meters from the entrance to the stadium.
It’s the turn of the Potions lesson.

Potions Lesson

Preparing the Wiggenveld potion. We take the components from the chest and bring Harry to the cauldron. In the same room, on the table, there is another pair of ingredients. We leave the office and watch the cut scene where Harry hears a voice, and also learn about the attack on Mrs. Norris. Let’s go to the spell lesson.

Spell Lesson (Skurge)

We watch a cut scene with a story about the secret room, complete the task and go to the workshop. Let’s go down. On the left we notice a vase with beans. We push the platform, removing the ectoplasm before that. After the platform goes down (Flipendo!), we are not in a hurry to take the star, but look to the right-down. There we find a hiding place where there is a chest with a card.

Bronze card No. 32 “Bridget Benlock”

We collect beans, take a frog. Saving the game.

We get rid of ectoplasm, collect beans, chase firecrabs, take a star, communicate a little with Peeves.
Activate the gargoyle, get into the hiding place, walk down the corridor, take the star, return to the hall where Peeves was.
Saving the game.

We push the door, extract the witch woman from the statue, activate the gargoyle, go into the hiding place, take a jar of bark.
We push the door. We take beans, a frog, destroy the ectoplasm, listen to Peeves’ laughter, find and open the chest. There’s a card there.

Bronze card No. 53 “Greta Ketchlav”

Again we push the fire crabs, take a frog, a star, and find a chest on the left. There’s a map in it.

Bronze card No. 66 “Flavius Belbai”

We find a secret zone in the wall, go down. Saving the game.

We catch a snail and drive it to the button. There is a secret zone behind the painting. We find a card there.

Silver card No. 14 Fulbert Timid”

Soon we find a mini-cache with the slime of the flobber worm. We take a star, empty the chest with beans. Soon we get acquainted with Doxy. We collect beans (vase, casket), activate the gargoyle, click on the picture, take a star, chase crabs, collect beans. After we find the star, there is a secret zone behind it (we need to activate the “swing” mechanism). After returning a little, we get into the secret zone (or into the abyss and to the point of the last save). There is a card in the hiding place.

Silver card No. 59 “Gregory the Flatterer”

We defeat Doxy, collect beans and soon get into the hall with a giant lever. We climb up the only available corridor. We get into the hall, in which the door opens to a room with two gnomes. We send the gnomes to the burrow, open the chest. There we find a card.

Bronze card No. 84 “Roland Kegg”

We take a star. After destroying the ectoplasm, we push the cube to the hole in the floor. The lever is fixed – you can use it to go further. We take a star, stun a snail, empty a chest with beans. Activate the gargoyle. A step appears, which we use. click on the wall near the ceiling – a secret zone opens, where we take a star.

We go down, if desired, we release Peeves from the chest. We pick up the Main star, listen to Flitwick and find ourselves back in the castle, from where we are heading to the award ceremony.

Award ceremony

If Gryffindor is in the lead, then we go to collect beans in the bonus level. If there are doubts about the chances of Gryffindor, it is better to try to score points by playing Quidditch and going through the studied workshops with the best indicators.

Crime scene inspection

Myrtle’s toilet. We are watching the cut scene. We proceed to the task: we need to find the horn of a two-horned animal, for which we descend into the dungeon and find the leftmost door.

Horn Search

We collect the beans, open the lock. Next, we press the buttons on the other side of this strange hall and use the “elevator” to collect beans / frogs and search for gargoyles.

We find the gargoyle and activate it – now it will be easier to go further – for a while the holes in the floor are covered with glowing platforms.

We pass through the indicated corridor with a leaky floor, knock down the doxy rictusemproy. Next, with the help of Scurge, we get rid of ectoplasm and unlock the bridge. Pay attention to the chest on the left and the cache on the right. There we find the two cards listed below.

Bronze map No. 6 “Glenmore Peaks”
Silver card No. 42 “Crispin Cronk”

Soon we find ourselves in a room with snails and fireworms. We drive them into their proper places. Activate the gargoyle, which gives us something like a bridge to a vase of beans. Then we go down. And again, a room with snails – we drive them into the places intended for them and do not forget to open the chest.

Bronze card No. 2 “Cornelius Agrippa”

Of course – do not forget to examine the chambers for snails – usually there are a couple of beans and a component of rowan broth.
We go further and meet a gnome who needs to be thrown into a hole, not forgetting after that to visit a hiding place where you can find a card.

Silver card No. 55 “Honoria Natcomb”

We take the card and move on. Saving the game.

We lower the bridge and pass on. We have a puzzle in front of us. The snail can be sent for a swim (dropped down), Peeves is sitting in the chest. If you release it, it will show the exit from this part of the level.

The essence of the puzzle is that you need to press the buttons opposite with the help of a Flipendo, turn something like revolving doors, giving yourself access to three caches (red, green and blue), as well as to the exit from this part of the level (on the right).

After opening the way to some hiding place (we look at the “maze below”), we lead Harry to one of the elevators located on the left and right. The main thing is to be careful, because sometimes the elevator is simply missing and Harry may fall into his shaft, which will lead to a reset of the level from the point of the last save.

Well, about the contents of the caches: Beans and rowan bark are in the red. In green – beans and slime of a flobber worm. In blue – beans, rowan bark and phlobber worm slime.

Having passed this test, we move on. Soon we find ourselves in Snape’s back room, where we find rowan bark, beans and a chest with a card.

Bronze card No. 46 “Miranda Gussokl”

Next, click the button, collect the beans and take the slime of the flobber worm. We go out, greet the firecrab and climb with the help of the bridge. Saving the game.

That’s the stage of jumping on rotating platforms. The essence of the task is that in four rooms there are wooden structures that periodically turn in one direction or the other. The main thing at the same time is to understand when to jump, otherwise Harry “misses” and takes an acid bath, after which the level is reset. After overcoming the rotating platforms, we pass on. Saving the game.

Getting rid of the lock, we notice the chest on the right. We find a card there.

Bronze card No. 4 “Grogan Stamp”

Next, we drive the gnome into a hole, the firecrab into a niche in the wall and begin the ascent with the periodic destruction of ectoplasm.
First you need to get to the site with the gnome, throw it into the hole and get rid of the ectoplasm. Then go to the area opposite, where there is a gargoyle.

Activate the gargoyle and run across to the site where the gnome was. We pass into the next hall – the wall on the left has become passable and you can easily bypass the abyss. However, to get a few beans in the secret zone available here, you need to cross the bridge.

Then we get into Snape’s back room again, collect what we can there and fall into a trap – the floor “falls through” and Harry will have to get over the acid lake, stunning a couple of firecrabs. After returning to the back room (on the other side), we take the horn and Harry runs out into the Potions room.

Dueling Club

As soon as Harry gets out of the potions room, Ron will report to him about the duel club, where he should go.The main thing here is to catch the opponent by surprise, to cast a spell at a time when he is not waiting for it. At the same time, you need to move frequently and hold down the left mouse button – to increase the power of the spell. Similarly, you will need to fight with the Basilisk. We defeat Draco, watch the cut scene and run to the herbology.


We complete the task with the arrows and follow to the workshop.

Here we go. First we get rid of the vine, empty the chest, large flower pots, a cache on the left (only beans everywhere). We go out into a clearing with snails. To begin with, press the buttons on the wall and avoid the snails – a secret zone with a card will open.

Silver card No. 70 “Leopoldina Smethwick”

We drive the snails into their proper places and thus unlock the entrance to the next hall, where we take the star.
Saving. With the help of Diffindo, we break the thread and move on. And then we have a clearing with mushrooms.

Hint: gnomes are able to transform these mushrooms into beans, so you don’t need to get too carried away with destroying mushrooms with a spell.

We notice threads in the windows, cut them with diffindo and go up to the 2nd floor, where we cut another thread, which unlocks the exit from the clearing. We enter the next hall. Destroy the doxy, periodically stunning the snail, collect beans and other prizes, including a card.

Bronze card No. 12 “Mervyn the Treacherous”

We perform a simple task and move on. We take a star, turn the pot over, apply a spell to the armor.
After destroying the thorns, use the elevator, cut the thread. Then we take the star again, take out the beans from the armor, open the cache. Saving the game.

We get rid of the cobwebs, ride on the “swing”, take a star and do not forget about the hiding place on the right. There is a card there.

Silver card No. 8 “Derwent Simpling”

We use a gargoyle, go up, take a star, now we cut the thread, go down, take another star. We go upstairs, where we see the cube. We drop the cube down, go down and try to push the cube again. The hiding place where the card is located will open.

Bronze card No. 18 “Urik the Strange”

Next, we are offered to fight with a snail, then a firecrab, doxy, break the thread, go down.
Then we take the star, remove the doxy. Next comes the familiar task from the previous game – jumping on the tiles, which shift after touching them, so you can only overcome them by running. Next, we collect the beans. Saving the game.

Shoot down the doxy, jump.
Take the beans. Saving.
A room with three gnomes. The gnomes can be released, wait until they eat the mushrooms, send the gnomes to the burrows and collect the beans. You can just knock down the extra mushrooms with a spell and go further.
After sending all the gnomes to the burrows, the sound of the cache opening is heard…
We pass on.
Large open location. We pass by strange plants, take a frog and open a chest with beans. Onions are thrown from above with bark.
Another plant and a climb up. We take a star.
In front of us is a board suspended on two threads. We cut off the nearest thread with the help of diffindo and pass to the edge of the board, from where we jump onto the ledge and walk along this ledge, dodging the bow-strings (“tree spirits”) throwing bark. We notice a large pattern on the wall with an image of something horned and send a spell into it (it is advisable to move closer to the edge of the cornice, otherwise the spell may not work). The hiding place opens, we go inside. We turn over the flower pots, take the flobberworm slime, a star and a silver card.

We leave the hiding place, go down and neutralize the Bowtruckles. In place of the defeated creatures, we find a rotating crust. We go further, turn over the flower pot, approach the next suspended board and cut off both threads holding it.
We get up and notice a couple more Bowtruckles. We neutralize them and get the bark. there is a watering can with beans in the corner. Let’s move on. Saving.

A playground with snails and thorns. We neutralize the thorns, release two plates with the image of snails from the vines. We lure or drive a snail onto each plate. The image of a horned something is not a hiding place or a button. Be careful – snails can silently crawl up from behind. Closer to one of the corners is a jar of slime.
After visiting both plates with snails, it opens the passage to the “house”. We go inside, the bolts block the way back.
Under the ceiling we find a button with an image of something horned and send a spell into it. Cut the thread and take the star.

We apply Lumos and go into the cave, where we neutralize vines and onions. We get into a tunnel with cobwebs. We destroy cobwebs, collect beans.We take a star and shake the beans out of the vase.
Next, we apply diffindo a couple of times and go forward along the bridge that appears. We apply a spell to the nearest fresco and find a hiding place behind it. We destroy the ectoplasm and open the chest with the bronze card.

We get out of the hiding place and move on. Turn left and get into a room with funny plants. We stun them. we collect the beans and move on.
We take a star, shake out the beans. The bolts are doing their job.

Another fresco is a hiding place with a bronze card.
We go further, getting rid of cobwebs and turning over flower pots, not paying attention to the frescoes, we crush the spiders.
Next, shaking the beans out of the vase and saving.
We stun the snail, turn over the flower pot, apply Lumos to the gargoyle – a secret passage opens. We move over the translucent tiles, take a star.

We fall into a trap with a snail. We drive the creature into a specially designed pit for her.

The next stage: two snails and a cache. Immediately after opening the passage, turn left and open the cache. Then, after the appearance of three snails (two in front and one behind), we send two to the pit, and stun the third and move it to the cache. After hitting it on the stove, we get a chest with a silver card.

Silver card No. 87 “Thaddeus Ferkle”

We go down the corridor, collect beans and find a frog. we notice a small room with a big star. To the left of the star, you can take slime, from the right – a frog and beans (in a chest).

After interacting with the star, the test is over. If the test is being held for the first time, then you need to go to the summing up of academic performance and, if Gryffindor is in the lead, jump on the level strewn with beans.

Silver card No. 85 “Blenheim Stock”

Bronze card No. 49 “Elladora Ketteridge”

Bronze card No. 21 “Lord Stoddard Witters”

Surroundings during the day

Here you can find several cards. To do this, you can visit Hagrid’s yard, the surroundings of the greenhouse, look at the students studying the walls.

Bronze card No. 77 “Norvel Tvonk”

Silver card No. 27 “Mirabella Plunkett”

Silver card No. 43 “Cyprian Yodel”

Bronze card No. 5 “Gulliver Pokbai”

Bronze card No. 33 “Beaumont Marjoribanks”

Behind the boomslang skin

We communicate with the local flora and fauna, pay attention to gargoyles and buttons on the floor.

Silver card No. 90 “Sakarissa Gagwood”
Bronze card No. 28 “Tilly Tok”

Director’s Office

If you approach Phoenix, the location will become inaccessible to the public. Therefore, you need to do this last. You need to explore the chests, find an elevator and walk around the upper floor. So you can find a couple of cards.

Bronze card No. 10 “Bardock Muldoon”

Silver card No. 79 “Oswald Beamish”

Behind Goyle’s hair

A very peculiar set of adventures. Be sure to use the gargoyle, then visit the room with a rising floor, carefully study the mini-library, … And, before visiting the room with Goyle, carefully study the location. Then the following cards will be available.

Bronze card No. 83 “Roderick Plumpton”

Silver card No. 62 “Ignatia Wildsmith”

Bronze card No. 80 “Beatrice Bloxham”

Bronze card No. 44 “Devlin Whitehorn”

Bronze card No. 47 “Edgar Strulger”

Silver card No. 22 “Circe”


An adventure with many abysses. You need to pay attention to the buttons in the walls, mobile platforms. In extreme cases, it will be possible to buy these cards from merchants.

Some of the caches are hidden over a precipice to the left or right of the main road. It is also advisable to visit the Slytherin library, carefully study the walls next to the save book.

If you try to look into the bedroom before Harry’s transformation, then you can find a chest of beans on the landing in front of the entrance to the bedrooms. The bedrooms themselves are closed – apparently, the Slytherins lock them up for the day.

Cards available here (if you haven’t found them, then you can buy them from card dealers):

Silver card No. 3 “Elfrida Clegg”

Bronze card No. 24 “Adalbert Waffling”

Bronze card No. 67 “Justus Pillivikl”

Silver card No. 17 “Morgana le Fay”

Bronze card No. 95 “Yardley Plot”


The peculiarity of this adventure: very unusual hiding places. One hidden room may have an entrance to another. In one small corridor with paintings, you need to pay attention to how these very paintings are hung. But before that, it may be useful to try to go through one of the pictures. Caches associated with gargoyles also play a significant role. There are many cards to be found here.

Bronze card No. 1 “Merlin”

Silver card No. 92 “Xavier Pestric”

Bronze card No. 81 “Kwon Po”

Silver card No. 98 “Dimphna Farms”

Silver card No. 52 “Felix Summerbee”

Silver card No. 97 “Alberic Grannion”

Bronze card No. 88 “Celestine Warlock”

Bronze card No. 96 “Engist of Woodcroft”

Surroundings at night

The day and night locations of the courtyard are largely interchangeable. But still at night you can find something.

Silver card No. 36 “Jocelyn Wedcock”

Bronze card No. 64 “Jokunda Sykes”

Silver card No. 45 “Dunber Oglethorpe”

Bronze card No. 61 “Havelock Sweeting”

Forbidden Forest

In a location with a couple of logs falling from above, you need to pay attention to the stone walls. Next, you need to apply spells to all spiders, as well as chests. After descending down on a huge log, you need to walk to both ends of the log. So you can find the entrance to the misty cave with a card.

Silver card No. 16 “Cliona”

As soon as Harry enters the hollow trunk of the tree, you need to not miss the card, to which you will need to fly high up.

Bronze card No. 57 “Gifford Ollerton”

Silver card No. 65 “Gondolin Oliphant”

Bronze card No. 25 “Perpetua Fancourt”

Bronze card No. 86 “Dorcas Charming”

Bronze card No. 19 “Newt Scamander”


There are no cards here. Therefore, you need to watch the cut scene, knock down the web supports with a spell, drive away spiders and tickle Aragog with a rictusempra.

The chamber of Secrets

According to the plot, we go to Myrtle’s toilet, watch the cut scene or skip it. Next, we are shown the scene of opening the entrance to the secret room. We jump into the tube, cut the scene again and go on – without Ron and the forgetful Professor.

We exit carefully, visit a couple of rooms with firecrabs, and the Spongifay tile puts Harry in the elevator. Along the way, you can get out and collect some beans, then wait for the elevator and continue the descent.

Having descended into the pipe, we immediately exit the elevator, press the button on the wall as quickly as possible, collect beans in the opened rooms and move on. If you stay in place, the elevator will return soon and Harry will not be thrilled 😉 We run further down the pipe. Saving.

Diffindo looks at the web and Harry finds himself in a room with spiders. (Rictusempra!!!). Do not forget to take the mucus and bark (in the same room).

We get rid of ectoplasm and watch a terrifying cut scene with a snail. We jump up, go down and these wonders are in front of us. Here you need to calculate the pace so that Harry does not get damaged by this strange design. If you get tired of going through this moment again and again, use the camera flight mode in debug mode.

So, this section is passed. We take the frog and save the game.

We run on and observe a small collapse. We knock down the missing block from the ceiling and go further – to the right and up.
A room with sliding walls. As soon as they start their action – run back! as a rule, you can stop at the very edge and wait it out. As soon as the walls meet, we go behind each of them. Behind one of the walls there is a hiding place with a chest.

We go further – again ectoplasm, again a pipe, on the right we find a chest with beans. Saving. If necessary, collect the beans and jump down, where you can take a few more beans and a frog. We exit the pipe and begin the next stage: The goal is to get into the pipe opposite. We are going to the goal. We go down and go to the right. If possible, we destroy the doxy.
Lumos on the gargoyle, activate Spongifay and jump. Let’s move on. A narrow passage and a gargoyle again. Lumos and jump on. If you suddenly fell off, the Spongifay tiles at the bottom will help.

Another jump up and a room with devils. we drive them into a hole, if necessary. We go further and get into the elevator, start it with a button on the wall. During the descent, we pay attention to the platform with the crab and the walls: in one of them there is a cache of beans. During the movement of the elevator, we peel off the thread holding the grate, climb into the pipe.

Loading the next level…

After loading, we find ourselves in a room with firecrabs. We move large blocks with a cheat sheet “Flipendo”, pushes crabs on the opened marks of the mark on the floor. 2 platforms are lowered and the door opens. Let’s move on. Flipendo! Spongifai! and Harry finds himself in a room with two holes. We knock down the Boards and throw the devils into the holes. For this we get a reward in the form of a cache with slime, bark, beans and gargoyles. Collect the prizes, go to the exit, open the Spongifai tile, knock down the doxy, return to the room and activate the gargoyle.

We jump up, run along the platform, jump over the abyss and press the button again, jump again. If we did everything right, then two hiding places will light up in a narrow corridor. One of them counts, the second one doesn’t (level developer error, fixed here). Then we get into the elevator, cut the threads and go down. Saving.

We take the frog, follow the snail, watch the cut scene, knock down the doxy and jump onto the first platform, cut two threads (one moving platform = 1 thread). After all 4 threads are cut, we do not hurry to run after the card, but press the button opposite the card (towards the snails). the cache is optional. Next, take the card.

Bronze card No. 91 “Wilfred Elfric”

Let’s move on. Saving the game.

Getting ready for a run. The main thing is to keep to the right side and cut the vines on the run. then we run into the corridor and jump down – the stone will evaporate and will not fall down. We take the mucus and bark. We walk down the corridor. Saving the game.

We approach the closed door, it opens and in front of us is a wall-breaking cannon a la Hogwarts. Our goal: to climb on the gun, cut the thread and break through the wall opposite. If Harry falls down, an emergency exit is provided. We get to the opposite wall by rolling on a battering ram. Loading…

In front of us are two rows of statues in the form of snake heads. They are divided into 2 groups. Between the groups there is a corridor leading to rooms with ingredients and a cauldron, which can be used to prepare additional portions of rowan broth.
We overcome the first group – we need to understand when to start running so that the fire does not catch Harry. This usually does not cause difficulties 🙂 Well, if the fire touches Harry, we use rowan broth. Saving the game.

The final battle begins. Watch or skip the cut scene.

Part One: the basilisk attacks from the statue. We run-we dodge the basilisk, hold down the left mouse button. As soon as the basilisk opens its mouth, we aim the sight at it and a fireball is sent there. If it is not possible to get into the open mouth, then the process will be delayed, but there is still a chance to win. As soon as the first part comes to an end, we proceed to the second.

Part Two: the basilisk jumps out of holes in the floor (breaking the bars). The actions are basically the same: we run, press the left button, point it into the open mouth and release button.

A couple of comments:

  1. Purple saliva is poisonous, so it’s better not to step on it.
  2. The basilisk jumps out of the hole in the floor closest to you, which can be used for its own purposes (to become so that the basilisk chooses exactly the hole you need, where Harry will be waiting for him with a flaming sword 😉 )

As soon as the basilisk’s health scale becomes empty, a cut scene is launched where we see an interesting version of the destruction of the horcrux: the basilisk falls with its fangs on the diary, which destroys the horcrux (thanks for watching Professor Jerboa ;-)). After the cut scene is over, you can take a walk around Hogwarts or go straight to the Great Hall for the school Cup ceremony. Hurray! The game is over.

Lobby and corridor

Here you should pay attention to some portraits, recesses in the walls and mirrors.


In the possession of a potions teacher, you need to pay attention to his office (a chest by the window and a closet; of course there are windows in the dungeons, didn’t you know that? 😉 ), as well as some suspicious recesses in the walls.

If you somehow got into the potions room before the first and only lesson, then in no case do not open the chest, which is located between the teacher’s table and the table with ingredients for potions. Otherwise, during the lesson, the game will break (the teacher will tell you to get the ingredients from the chest you have already opened earlier and he will not allow Harry to finish the lesson).

Bronze card No. 9 “Gunhild of Gorsmoor”

Silver card No. 60 “Laverne de Montmorency”

Silver card No. 54 “Gaspard Shingleton”

Silver card No. 20 “Wendelin Pretentious”


We are looking for three cards here.

Silver card No. 35 “Bowman Wright”

Silver card No. 73 “Mops”

Bronze card No. 29 “Archibald Alderton”

Gryffindor Tower

We enter the Gryffindors’ living room. On the left we notice a chest in which the card is hidden.

Bronze card No. 26 “Elmerick Sawbridge”

There is a fireplace on the right. We pass on – in the opposite wall we notice an opening leading to the bedrooms. We go through it, climb the spiral staircase and find ourselves on a landing with a door (this door leads to the Gryffindor quest, article about him). We look at the ceiling above us and notice a rectangle. We apply a Flipendo to it. A hiding place with a luminous thread opens in the wall on the stairs. Use Diffindo on it (if you have already studied this spell) and go down the stairs. Between the stairs and the corridor, we notice an open hiding place. We go inside and find a chest with a card.

Silver card No. 39 “Gwenog Jones”


Here you can find a couple of cards.

Silver card No. 13 “Andros the Invincible”

Silver card No. 99 “Daisy Dodderidge”

The Grand Staircase

There are several cards hidden in this large location. The numbering of the floors is conditional.

Floor 1

Bronze card No. 51 “Ethelred the Irascible”

Silver card No. 89 “Alberta Tutill”

Floor 3

Bronze card No. 31 “Belfort Blaine”

Bronze card No. 37 “Cassandra Vablatsky”

Floor 4

Bronze card No. 50 “Musidora Barquit”

Floor 5

Silver card No. “Artemisia Lufkin”

Silver card No. 71 “Queen Medb”

Bronze card No. 58 “Glaver Hipworth”

Bronze card No. 75 “Mungo Bonham”

Silver card No. 38 “Chancey Aldridge”

Prize Room

Having collected all the silver cards, we can afford to collect the gold ones. To do this, we approach the door with 4 bolts and watch as they go to the side, opening the way for us. Loading and now we are already running along the arc of the corridor, noticing curtains with the image of gold cards on the right. We reach the end of the corridor, turn and save the game. Let’s get started!

We run forward to meet the firecrabs, pay them a minimum of attention (time is limited), jump on the Spongifai tile and run to the door, where the first gold card is waiting for us.

Gold card No. 69 “Bertie Botts”

We unlock the lock and notice the budget version of the elevator – attention and caution will not hurt. We jump on the platform and go up. We transfer to the next platform and safely get to the very top of the turret, where the next card is waiting for us.

Gold card No. 101 “Albus Dumbledore”

Let’s work a little with scissors (diffindo!) and we follow on. And why are there so many cobwebs here?) A couple of cobwebs and we get into a room with a tricky mechanism: the closer Harry gets, the higher the card rises. The “ladders” hidden on the left and right behind the columns will help us cope with this task and get a card.

Gold card No. 41 “Godric Gryffindor”

We descend and move on. Now we are waiting for the likeness of a mountain with ectoplasm. We go upstairs as soon as possible (Skurge!) and we take the card.

Gold card No. 11 “Herpo”

We climb the ladder and run to the Sponge tile, do not forget to activate it 😉 a little triumphant flight over the firecrabs and here it is – another card!

Gold card No. 48 “Salazar Slytherin”

This ectoplasm again. We get rid of it and immediately pay attention to the lock in the floor, which opens a familiar tile for jumping. Another flight and a new card.

Golden card No. 72 “Penelope Hufflepuff”

We open the door, climb a strange-looking staircase, open the door and get into the hall. We run to the room on the right, where we apply Lumos to the gargoyle. Where did the floor go??? But nothing – but there were glowing platforms. We quickly go down them, not forgetting to look into the niche and pick up the card.

Gold card No. 74 “Montago Knightley”

We run into a tiny walk-through room and cut the thread. The way is clear! And here it is – a puzzle with blocks that takes a lot of time: we move the block forward so that the doors open and Harry can pass on. We go upstairs and there’s a card waiting for us.

Gold card No. 15 “Paracelsus”

Next, we enter the open door and cut the thread, unlocking the greenish tile (lovers of running can pass by and enjoy the extra hundred meters). Waiting for us at the end of the corridor… Yes, she.

Gold Card No. 40 Charlotte Pinkstone

We open the door, climb up and in front of us is another puzzle: we build a ladder by moving blocks. The further away the block is from us, the higher the step opposite it becomes. The central one can be placed in the middle, the left one is higher, the right one is lower. We climb to the right and here it is – a card!

Gold card No. 82 “Rovena Ravenclaw”

We run on. A small puzzle with flights. The thread is cut (Diffindo!), the block moves away, freeing the Spongifay tile. Activate it and jump. In flight, we activate the next one, but if we didn’t have time to do it, then it’s okay – the flight will be less spectacular 😉 So we fly to the last card.

Golden card No. 100 “Harry Potter”

Now you can admire the gallery.

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Card navigation: OOKS
Translation: automatic with selective corrections.