HP and Your Computer


HP and your computer is a little assistant (Freeware) for fans of games of the magical world of J. K. Rowling.

Download page is here.


System requirements: Windows XP…Windows 10, .NetFramework 4.0.

Supported games: officiales PC games (Windows), some amateur games.

Main features (depending on the specific game): reading or configuring launch options, actions with saves, finding / fixing known problems with games, quick access to system windows.

Known compatibility issues with unofficial builds

  1. The game has stopped starting (SS, CS, PA). You need to delete the configuration files in the save folder and restart the game.
  2. Progress in the Quidditch League in SS is not saved. The parameters are stored in hp.ini and the game cannot overwrite this file in read-only mode.

First start

  1. Open the archive using the archiver.
  2. Extract the folder from the archive on a disk with games (preferably not the C drive).
  3. Run the program and add games to the library.
  4. If the program does not start – install .NetFramework 4.0.

Changes to the file system and registry

  1. Create a folder AppData\Roaming\hp-gamesnet
  2. Create a file in the Saves folder (with the creation of backups)
  3. Goblet of Fire, Order of the Phoenix, Half-Blood Prince. To force change the game settings, two additional files are added to its folder.
  4. Adding or removing Gryffindor quest unlock file
  5. Deathly Hallows. The program creates a file to modify the registry. The user himself decides – to use the file or not. The contents of the file can be viewed in any text editor.
  6. ЛЕГО LEGO Harry Potter: 1-4 years. Amendments are made to the hidden developers configuration file (to solve the Dark Tower), as well as in the service file for the game Steam-version (language switching). In case of damage to the latter request is sufficient to check the Steam client files: corrupted file is automatically overwritten.

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