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Our site is trying to be an international non-profit project. But in order to be international … you need to support more than one language. ;-)
But since the author of the project cannot know all the languages ​​of the world, we introduced the concept of «main» and «guest» site languages.

Major languages ​​are the languages ​​in which most of the site’s content is available. The following languages ​​are now used as the main ones: Russian, French, English, Ukrainian.

Guest languages ​​are languages ​​represented by a relatively small number of articles. Translation of the site interface may not be available for them. But you can add articles in these languages.

If you want to help the site by translating an article or site interface into your native language (or a language that you like and practice), then you can do it.

Authors of translation are indicated next to the author of the article and / or on the thank you page. And for the most active participants, we can create a page with information about the participant (website, YouTube channel, …). Something like a business card in one or more languages. It is difficult to find other options for encouraging participants for a non-profit project.

In general, such an experiment ;-)

Best regards, Alexey (АlехeyMS)

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