Skurge Challenge (minigame)


This is a two-dimensional mini-game that could be found on the disc with demo materials .

The game is written in Java and shipped with the runtime. Therefore, it occupied almost 100 MB of disk space.

What is this game about?

Purpose: to pass two levels, collecting all the stars. To complete the level you need to touch the big star.

Difficulties: when the level starts, the countdown timer starts. If you do not have time to touch the big star, then the game ends. Touching every little star adds a few seconds.

Obstacles: ectoplasm-blocked mechanisms, snails, fire crabs and gnomes. Sounds taken from the second game.

Collected items: beans, small stars.

Controls: left-right keys, up key (for jumping up) and Space key for casting spells.

Spells: Spells are used to unlock chests, stun gnomes, firecrabs, and snails. You also need to often use a spell that destroys ectoplasm.

Available languages: German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese.

You can download the game here.

An example of the gameplay (all two levels are completed, but not all the stars are collected).

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