Knowledge base on mods for the first games


This collection of materials collects a knowledge base for creating their own sets of levels that complement the plot of the game or tell another story about the adventures of Harry Potter. The theme of mod-building (MOD is an abbreviation of “modification” – a partial or complete change in the plot of the main game).


Basic data

Dmitry “Lemon” / Oldheimer’s page (mods, lessons in Russian).

The OlegGameChannel page (mods, lessons in Russian)

How to send

Authors of the mods section: Setebos (the first designer), Kram (shared experiences and pictures), АlехeyMS (page maintenance), Serhiy1994 (constructive criticism and descriptions for some videos), Daria Chernenkaya (some hints), our visitors (questions and mutual assistance 🙂 ).

The authors of some articles and tips are listed separately 😉

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