Mods. Music and sounds


Music and sounds have always been a part of games. But how do I add them to your mod? There are a couple of options.

Level properties. It may not work everywhere, but still.

Editor menu View – Level Properties – Audio – Song. For the Chamber of Secrets, specify the file name from the music folder (sometimes you need to specify the file name without the extension).

In theory, this option is suitable for levels where the music should not change.

Changing music at a certain point

You need to add NewMusic Trigger to the right place of the level. In the trigger properties, you need to find the NewMusicTrigger – Song property. Then specify the file name from the music folder (for example, Happy_Hogwarts.ogg).

Metallicafan212’s Harry Potter 2 also supports MusicTrigger, which plays music in umx format (from the first game).