HP and the Dark Lands


A small amateur 2D game. Contains a very recognisable 2D version of Hogwarts and all the main locations known from the first official games.

In this game you have to solve the mystery of what lies beyond the castle grounds.

Only the 2020 version has been partially translated into English. There are no plans for an official translation for the 2023 version.

Announcement of the 2020 version (in Russian)

You can (version 2020, with the author’s translation of the main text data):

  1. Download the game (author’s links), build from 9 Aug 2022: Yandex.Disk (30 MB, translated).
    Please let us know if you have any problems with the English version of the game.
  2. Download alternative selection of music which can be used at recordings of walkthroughs of the game (it is necessary to replace a folder with music available in game): Yandex. Disk
  3. Read information for newbies and/or our mini-review or some hints, description of achievements, quick notes on what to look for, where to look for badges, all the game videos.

How do I launch the game? Very simple: extract the files from the archive and run RPG_RT.exe (RTP, resource kit for the game engine, not required to run).

Approximate playthrough time: 20 hours.


  • Windows XP…Windows 10 (RPG Maker)


  • Adventure
  • RPG


  • Lemmy/MorphingThruTime

Age restriction

  • ~13+.

Game size

  • 30 MB (version 2020)


  • English (text, 30+ %)