About the project «Games about the magical world by J. K. Rowling»

Our site is an online resource dedicated to games that have a direct or indirect relationship to the universe, invented by British writer J. K. Rowling.

The team of our website respects the work of others and wants to be respected in response to our work. Therefore, when reprinting or using fragments of materials from other sites, we act with the permission of the source site, if so specified in the rules of reprinting materials. If suddenly we missed something — the author can contact us at the address below.

If an article violates your copyright, please let us know at the addresses below. And also think — can we make sure that this information is located on our website legally ;-)

The site can hold competitions with free participation — if there are additional motivators ;-)

Our YouTube channel publishes videos used on the site. Periodically you can conduct thematic online broadcasts. Age restrictions of the site are valid for the YouTube channel.

We also use social services (VKontakte, FaceBook, Twitter) to publish basic and non-mainstream news. The most important news is published in Facebook and Twitter in 4 languages ​​(in VKontakte — only in Russian).

In the light of recent events in the world, we draw attention to the fact that our site works for young and adult wizards and wizards of all countries of the world, indiscriminately. The main language of the site is Russian, non-main languages: French, English and Ukrainian.

Rules of the site posted on a separate page.

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  • АнТунец — correction and translation into French
  • Incwadra — icons of social networks (https://github.com/Incwadra/HabraPack)
  • LAartstudio — images for header (2016 year).
  • Профессору OOKS за проработанные материалы-проекты
  • Профессорам Setebos (исходный вариант «шапок», материалы в статьях) и Ёж-Маг/SonicTH (картинки в страницах-меню, значки операционных систем и некоторые другие графические материалы)
  • Authors of project Kolobok — for emoticons ;-) (размещены с разрешения руководителя проекта)
  • Author of blog Блог Свободного Вебмастера — for code to off new mechanism of smiles into WordPress 4.2+
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The author of the articles, if not explicitly stated, is Alexms69

The author of the translation into French, if not explicitly stated, is АнТунец (AnTunets)