Organizational matters (about the site)


Thanks for Geralt from paxabay

This page assumes to ask / solve questions about the site itself, and not about games: about functioning, solving problems with materials, projects.

At once we will make a reservation about social networks (Facebook and others): all the social services that our site uses are indicated at the top of the right pane on each page (if viewed from a computer)

As for new materials and possible continuations of the articles: whether they will or not – is unknown in advance and depends on the employment of our employees in real life, interest in this topic. Well, is there any point in releasing a new material or a sequel.

For example, to continue the series of articles “History of character development” does not make sense, since the unreviewed characters changed insignificantly: 1-2 species.

And, just in case:

Rights holders or representatives of their interests (Warner Bros., Epic Games, EA Games, TT Games and the like). If our site in any way violates your copyright (or your organization), then you can leave a comment to this article (the reaction time usually does not exceed 24 hours). Since there are quite a lot of scammers now, please attach a link to the document, clearly confirming your rights to files or text located here.

If you are a representative of organizations that are directly related to the creation, publication or sale of computer games about the universe of Joan Rowling, it would be great to consider the option of placing on our site legal information, files for downloading and other things that will allow our visitors to use their favorite games and materials legally.

Automatic translation is used

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