Review of the level editor by UnWorld



Note: The program may without notice modify the configuration files of the first three games (trim palette).

This Editor, at the time of this writing, is designed for the games HP1, HP2, HP3 for PC.

UnWorld has actually closed this project, so no updates are planned for this editor.

Getting a Editor
  1. Download the file UW_HUB.7z (password: )
  2. Open the resulting file in the archiver and run the file UW_HUB.exe
  3. In the small window that appears, select the language by clicking on the correct flag.
  4. Ignore the update problem message.
  5. Click the Startbutton.
  6. Select a game.
  7. Press the Editor button.
  8. Specify the folder where the game is installed (you need to do this for all games that you will later use to create modifications).
  9. Close UnWorld Hub.
  10. Download from Meganz or Yandex.Disk the required packages (HP1\EDITOR\HP_ED_002.UWP – editor for the first game, HP2\EDITOR\HP2_EDITOR_1002.uwp for the second game, HP3\EDITOR\HP3_EDITOR.uwp for the third game).
  11. To install the uwp package, you need to close the UnWorld Hub and click on the uwp package (how do you start the programs).


  1. All components of Editor are installed in the directories C:\UW_HUB and AppData\Roaming\UnWorld. In some cases, you may need to allow access to first folder.
  2. Folders and files of the game do not change.
Running the editor
  1. Find the Desktop shortcut “UnWorld Hub” or run a file C:\UW_HUB\UW_HUB.exe
  2. After checking the updates, you need to choose a game and click Launch Editor.
  3. Appears windows of Unreal Editor editor for selected game. If you still have not specified the path to the files of the game, you will be asked to do so.
Installing additional packages (uncompressed u-packages)
  1. Find the Desktop shortcut “UnWorld Hub” or run a file C:UW_HUBUW_HUB.exe
  2. Go to the tab “Editors”.
  3. Click on the button-link “Repositories”.
  4. Select a game (HP1 – Sorcerer’s Stone, HP2 – Chamber of Secrets, HP3 – Prisoner of Azkaban).
  5. For each game available 3 subfolders:
    • DEV_KIT: uwp-containing package. This package contains the extracted u-packs for deep game modifications (add new or modify existing classes of spells, characters).
    • EDITOR: It contains a service pack, which adds to the UnWorld HUB latest version editor for the game. This package is installed automatically.
    • Updates: It contains service packs to update UnWorld HUB. These packages are installed automatically.
    • Note. Before installing any uwp-package, you need to close the UnWorld HUB. Otherwise, you will see an error message.
  6. After installing packages DEV_KIT, their contents can be found in the folder: C:UW_HUBED .
  7. To build the u-packages, you must start the program UCC.EXE with “make” option, which is located (for a Philosopher’s Stone) at: C:\UW_HUB\ED\HP1_DEV\System.
  8. That is, you need to open the system console and type the command C:\UW_HUBEDHP1_DEVSystemucc.exe make (for a Philosopher’s Stone). This command, rebuilding all the u-packages.
  9. When you run your mod will use modified packages in that folder. This will not damage the game files.

Video tutorial by UnWorld


  1. Launcher disables gamma correction, so after starting the editor changes the color palette does not change.

Video tutorials by UnWorld

The author of this assembly of editor: UnWorld

The author of the review: АlехeyMS

Thanks for the tip: Arachne Spider

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  1. Both hp1 and hp2 editor work well.But HP3_EDITOR.uwp is not working. after click it will show up a message ‘to install this update, you have to make sure you have installed the editor’ and the below page appears ‘hp1 update’ instead of hp3. (the size of hp3_editor.uwp is smaller, maybe its not the real editor installer?)

    From the moderator: usually for the correct installation it is necessary to… Start the hub, specify the path to the files of the third game, close the hub. Run uwp package. Therefore, check all installation steps.
    This project has been closed for 2 years now. Therefore, it is now problematic to ask a question even to the author of this editor.