• SakuraHynan — translation of materials into Portuguese.
  • Ivan Chinchenko — for help with finding damaged articles on the site (2018), as well as updating the knowledge base of codes for the first games.
  • АнТунец — correction and translation into French.
  • Incwadra — icons of social networks (
  • LAartstudio — images for header (2016 year).
  • To Professor OOKS for the developed project materials.
  • To Professor Setebos (the initial version of the “caps”, materials in the articles) and the Hedgehog/SonicTH (pictures in the menu pages, operating system icons and some other graphic materials).
  • Authors of project Kolobok — for emoticons ;-) (размещены с разрешения руководителя проекта)
  • Author of blog Блог Свободного Вебмастера — for code to off new mechanism of smiles into WordPress 4.2+
  • Site — for code of buttons «Up-Down».

  • Note:

    The author of the articles, if not explicitly stated, is АlехeyMS.

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