Like any site, ours has its own rules that must be observed 😉 If the rules are not followed, comments can be deleted or ceased to be moderated.

  1. Mutual respect. Respectful to other visitors and employees of the site is extremely important and any manifestations of the opposite are unacceptable.
  2. Literacy. The more literate you write, the better. In addition, the higher the probability of getting an answer in the first place 😉
  3. Period for answering a question. They may answer you quickly enough, but they may not answer you at all – it all depends on how clearly you described the problem. Also, the question may remain unanswered or may be deleted if the answer to it is in questions and answers or if it is a technical question, but you did not provide the required information about the computer and the game.
  4. Mutual assistance. If you know how to help another visitor, feel free to respond! Mutual assistance is great! 🙂 Try to answer as clearly as possible and without unnecessary information 😉
  5. Offers of your materials. If you want to offer your material, please contact us through the page Organizational matters . If it makes sense to add your material and it does not violate anyone’s rights, it will be published under your name.
  6. Wishes and clarification of the release dates of articles. Our site (game section – is supported by enthusiasts. Therefore, there can be no requirements regarding the timing of the release of new articles. But if the request turns out to be feasible, then the corresponding article may appear quickly enough.
  7. Foreign languages. Our site contains materials in the main languages: Russian, French, English and Ukrainian. Comments should also be in the indicated languages ​​- we have problems with other languages ​​;-).
  8. WRITING IN CAPITAL LETTERS. Comments written in capital letters only may be deleted.
  9. Inaccuracies in the materials of the site. Inaccuracies may occur in the materials of our website and are subject to correction as soon as possible. You can report them using the comment on the problem material or on the page of organizational issues.
  10. Ratings and emotions. If you liked or did not like the game, then rate it in the “Rate the game!” topic. In other topics, this is somewhat inappropriate 😉
  11. Advertising your sites, projects, events in comments and chats. All this is bad and similar to hooliganism – because if your project is sensible, you can cooperate in a civilized way rather than organize partisan attacks … Well, for such cases, it is quite possible to get some kind of lock or something else. Therefore, it is better and more interesting to be friends with projects 😉
  12. Collaboration. This can be understood as the allocation of a page for your project on the subject of the site, the holding of joint events (contests, examinations in the game form), the publication of news about the upcoming game or program on the subject of the site, the exchange of links . There are several important points:
    • Your project or undertaking should not contain anything that is contrary to the law and / or not suitable for children (aged at least 12 years old). These include: rude words and phrases; profanity in any language, advertising of goods for a more adult audience and the like. After all, there should also be sites where parents can let their children go without fear …
    • If your project is commercial, it would be good to take an example from the same Softclub or EA, which, in exchange for disseminating information, helped in terms of prizes for competitions.
    • If your project or venture is not commercial, then nothing is required of you in exchange – although this is not fashionable now, there are still people for whom the financial side is not the main one.

    At one time, we were “friends” with Electronic Arts and SoftClub – as a result, we helped them disseminate information about games on our topics, and our visitors received real prizes from them in competitions (game discs).

    Now our site is friends with some of our visitors, who, including using our site, share the fruits of their creativity with others. And that’s great! Want to collaborate? Unsubscribe from organizational issues !

Reasons for deleting your comments on site materials

  1. The presence of any insult or indecent words.
  2. The question is not about the topic described in the material (for example, about unsupported games).
  3. The topic does not meet the age restrictions of the site’s audience (adult content or inappropriate for children).
  4. Persistently imposing one’s opinion
  5. Disputes with the site’s employees.
  6. There are so many bugs.
  7. Lack of information about the computer and the game in technical topics ( “Ask a technical question”, “Problems installing games” ).
  8. Too many questions about the same game or its part. We can tell, but not pass the game with you 😉
  9. Request or request to respond to the social network and / or messaging and VoIP services ( ICQ, Jabber, Skype )
  10. Comments without meaning. For example: “+1”, “Cool!”, “cool”
  11. Presence of links to illegal programs, videos and music.

Reasons for blocking visitors

  1. Repeated violation of the rules.
  2. Repeated harassment of the site’s employees with requests or requirements for creating any material or performing any action.

How to search for content on the site

  1. By game. In the Games menu, select a game and view its menu page.
  2. By category. In the menu bar from the list, select a category.
  3. Site Search . Use the search box at the top of the page.

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