About reprints


About reprints, mentions and plagiarism: it is impossible to do without it on the Internet, so let’s just do:

  • if you saw your material (article, video, program) into our site, then let us know about it, not forgetting to confirm authorship: we created and create your own materials, but the works of all authors and all sources are difficult to completely verify) If we really used your material, then think – can we use it further, specifying the real author?) We think this is a good idea);
  • If you used any of our site when creating your text, sound or video material, feel free to mention it or leave a link to the used materials. Bad – when materials are simply copied and printed somewhere else, or read aloud when creating video reviews without specifying the source. Placing a link or mentioning a source site does not take much time and space 😉 Well, if you also write us a letter about it or leave a message on a page on the social network, or comments on our site, then it will be great – maybe even let’s start making friends with projects 😉