Metallicafan212’s Harry Potter 2


It is a game engine and editor.

What you need to know about this project:

  1. This engine / editor is designed to work with levels from the game Chamber of Secrets.
  2. The project can only work correctly under Windows 10. Experimental support for Windows 7/8 / 8.1.

How do I get it?

The link is inside this document: project information.

Attention: the author forbids publishing a direct link to the project files. The link to the most recent version is only available in the above document.

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  1. I uploaded the most recent version (Version 3.0C). After Ron’s wand backfires, I am supposed to follow Ron and Hermione to Hagrid’s hut. They never appear. When I go to Hagrid’s anyway and inside, no cutscene happens.
    I tried to restart my game and rewrite it, but the problem is the same.

    From the moderator: it is better to discuss these questions either on our Discord server or with the author of the engine update (he looks at messages both there and there).

    • Hi, this is an Extended Mod related-issue. It could be you loaded an existing save after updating the Extended Mod. Prior saves are not compatible with mod updates due to how the game handles story progression. As stated in the Instructions & Info pdf document, always start a new game if you wish to experience the latest mod content. For further assistance, consider reaching us on Discord. Hope it helps 🙂

  2. Do you know what was the ch5 in the PC port HP2?
    The four spells and the gold card and the griffydor challenges is only 6, but the names go to ch7. That was another spell, the transfiguration challange?
    I did not find any clue what could be it. In other ports, it has more spells, and in PC there is a transfiguration class room, without a challenge door, but ch5 could be anything else too.

    From moderator: This game has gone through a lot of in-studio criticism, so it doesn’t have a lot of what was originally planned.
    For example, cut out: 4 endings, the scene with the Fat Friar on the challenge of Skurge, the mini-game of flying by car from London to Hogwarts.
    There is a transfiguration lesson in the game, but Professor McGonagall conducts it for other students (you can see it if you walk around Hogwarts instead of completing plot tasks), not for Harry. Therefore, there is no challenge for Harry. If you want to play a more logical version of Chamber of Secrets, check out this mod:

  3. i have a issue the first quitch match after i beat malfoy theres no cutscene win and harry just flys around is there a fix for this

    From moderator: You have already resolved this issue in our community’s Discord thread. Therefore, there is no point in giving an answer here.

    • Copying the answer fo those who will stuck here in the future: you must reinstall the base engine package.

    • You hadn’t applied the mod correctly, thus it was missing important lines of code for the mandatory Quidditch match. Remember, the installation order is always:
      Base game > M212 Engine/Editor > HP2 Extended General > HP2 Extended Lang XXX > HP2 Extended Add-On(s)
      Hope it helps 🙂

  4. Download n installation

    From moderator:
    A link to a description of this engine with a link to download it is given in the article.
    Un collegamento a una descrizione di questo motore con un collegamento per scaricarlo è fornito nell’articolo.

  5. Hi I have an issue with the mod. The game works perfectly fine, but the editors won’t load properly. It used to work but now the app quits itself after getting about 30% through the initializing editor controls section. I tried reinstalling and it didn’t work. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    From the moderator: as serhiy1994 pointed out, it’s better to ask this question in our discord, since the author himself is there from time to time. You can ask your question in any language, but it is better to use English.