Modification “HP2 PC EXTENDED” (CS)


This mod intends to enrich and expand the original game by introducing revised and brand new cutscenes, a day/night-time lighting system in the two indoor hub maps, overhauled lighting in a few story maps, new characters, voice lines from different HP game versions (mainly HP2 PS1 and PS2/GCN), a few fixes here and there, and even a new story segment.

Available in the following languages: ENGLISH UK (INT), ENGLISH USA (USA), DANISH (DAN), FINNISH (FIN), FRENCH (FRE), GERMAN (GER), ITALIAN (ITA), POLISH (POL, only subs with INT audio), PT PORTUGUESE (POR), RUSSIAN (RUS, only subs with INT audio), SPANISH (SPA), UKRAINIAN (UKR, only subs with INT audio).

Please read the “Info & Instructions” pdf document for a correct installation and for some useful tips and fixes.

WARNING: requires “Metallicafan212’s Harry Potter 2” engine/editor.

Authors: DivingDeep39, Liuke Withoutacoolname

Main game: HP and the Chamber of Secrets

Difficulty: Medium

Date Added: 2022-05-16

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To author’s folders


0. The original instruction is available in the modification folder.

1. Create a separate copy of the game files for this modification.

2. Download and install Metallicafan212’s Harry Potter 2.

3. Download package “HP2 Extended –”.

4. Download the language pack “HP2 Extended –”, according to the language of your copy of the game (XXX – language code).

5. Extract the contents of both packages to the game folder. You need to allow overwriting the original game files.

Note: The Unedited Line folder contains the original version of the phrases.

Supported languages: DA Dansk, DE Deutsch, EN English (INT, USA), FI Suomi, FR Français, IT Italiano, PL Polski, PT Português, ES Español, RU Русский, UA Українська.


  • Start a new game.

Video Walkthrough (can be used cheats):

Note: after downloading the modification from any site, be sure to scan it with antivirus software.

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