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Dear authors mods when preparing your work, please follow the following rules:

  1. use clean gaming build (without mods other authors or your other works) - not to cause dependency problems (when the mod works for you, but does not work in others due to a lack in the archive with the mod right texture pack or individual textures in the modified packages);
  2. If you modify the standard packages of the game, be sure to notify the - otherwise the error with discrepancy or lack of texture in the packages can not be avoided;
  3. If you create your packages, please call them so that it was evident that this is not standard packages. For example: hpgamesnet_testmod1.utx (pseudonym of the author, name of MOD small Latin letters with no spaces).

Because after setting a few mods, they begin to interfere with each other, or simply do not start with what we have encountered in the works of our beginners.


Used abbreviations

  • SS - modification for the game HP and the Philosopher’s Stone (Sorcerer’s Stone).
  • CS - modification for the game HP and the Chamber of Secrets.
  • PA - modification for the game HP and the Prisoner of Azkaban.
  • M - modification does not depend on the language of the game.


Available MODs, sorting by author.

Before the name of the modification we specify the date of its publication. Usually the publication date differs from the date of creation of the modification for several days or years ;-)

Collaborative projects (multiple authors)

Recreation of the magical world based on the Chamber of Secrets (based on MODs) (2%) RU, FR, EN

2021-06-06. Restoring the first game SS EN


Andrew Baldwin

2016-07-03. Harry Potter Custom Level SS EN


Arachne Spider (Арахна Спайдер)

2016-07-10. School library CS (M)

2016-07-31. Русификатор SS EN

2016-08-12. Walking through greenhouses CS (M)

2016-12-11. Lucky Harry CS (M)



2016-06-15. Imitation of demo level from E3 2001 SS (M)


Darya Chernen'kaya (Ganzina) (Дарья Чёрненькая (Ганзина))

2019-03-31. Night adventure with a Golden Owl CS (M)

2020-05-14. In search of Skele-Gro CS (M)


Dmitry "Lemon" (Дмитрий "Лимон")

2016-03-18. Challenge "Alohomora" CS (M)

2016-05-18. Challenge "Diffindo" CS (M)

2016-07-19. The Secret Library CS (M)

2016-08-12. Challenge "Spongify" CS (M)

2016-08-28. Challenge "Flipendo" CS (M)

2016-10-12. Challenge "Lumos" CS (M)

2016-12-02. Harry and the world of the future CS (M)

2017-01-23. Challenge "Skurge" CS (M)

2017-04-01. Challenge "Rictusempra" CS (M)

2017-04-03. Extreme Potions CS (RU)

2017-06-29. Exam "Alohomora" CS (M)

2017-08-21. Wonderful garden CS (M)

2017-12-14. Exam Rictusempra CS (M)

2018-01-05. "New Year's adventure (New Year Quest)" CS (M)

2018-11-18. "Test for Gryffindors" CS (M)

2019-06-21. Challenge "Diffindo". Night version CS (M)



2016-06-22. Test level. Library CS (M)

2017-12-03. Ravenclaw CS (M)

2020-01-05. Slytherin's Quest CS (M)

2021-04-17. Astronomy tower CS (M)



2021-02-03. Winter courtyard CS (M)

2021-04-19. Night Walk Around Hogwarts CS (M)

2021-05-31. Living Room Hufflepuff and kitchen CS (M)



2021-06-06. HP1 Demo Extended SS EN

2021-06-06. Restoring the first game SS EN

2019-02-24. Correction of original levels CS (M)

2019-03-07. Corrected final of the game CS (M)

2020-03-19. Slightly expanded courtyard CS (M)


Igor_Potterman (Игорь Поттерман)

2017-04-02. Guest Challenge CS (M)

2017-05-26. Flipendo CS (M)

2017-09-01. Adventures of Goyle CS (M)

2017-09-24. Adventure of Harry CS (M)



2020-06-25. Main menu and wide screen CS (M)



2017-08-05. Dangerous Crabs CS (M)

2017-09-01. Angry Harry CS (M)

2018-11-05. School CS (M)

2019-10-05. Little Fort 2003. CS (RU)

2019-12-30. Little Fort 2006. CS (M)

2019-12-30. New Years. CS (M)



2018-01-08. New Flipendo. CS (M)


Koops1997 (Профессор Черепаха)

2016-06-17. Using the Lumos spell CS (M)

2016-06-16. Adventures in the dungeon CS (M)

2016-06-29. Practical work on transfiguration CS (M)


Kram (Крам)

2013-10-22. Hogwarts Express CS (M)

2013-11-02. Snails and Bookcases CS (M)

2013-11-04. Hogwarts Challenge CS (M)

2014-02-24. Wizard Card adventure CS (M)

2016-06-05. Total control-practicum for spells CS (M)

2021-02-03. Ravenclaw Challenge CS (M)

2021-02-03. Ravenclaw common room CS (M)



2017-11-30. Secrets of the castle. CS



2018-02-10. Hermione's Adventure PA (M)

2018-03-03. Night Rescue PA Google. Drive, YouTube



2017-07-15. Snape's punishment CS YouTube, Yandex.Disk

2017-08-05. Hogwarts Club CS

2017-08-26. Mission of Dumbledore CS YouTube, Yandex.Disk

2017-09-18. Forbidden Forest from PS1 (SS) on PC CS YouTube, Yandex.Disk

2018-04-03. Test Level (Quest for Lockhart) CS YouTube, Yandex.Disk

2018-11-05. School CS (M)

2020-05-15. Harry and Portal CS (M)

2021-02-21. Labyrinth CS (M)


PROFESSOR (Профессор Тушканчик)

2013-07-30. Sofas and armchairs SS (M)

2013-08-02. Library CS (M)


QBBoss (only names, no links)

Hidden HP1 Spells SS

Boomslang Skin Adventure CS

Big Portraits. SS. YouTube

Hogwarts Nightmare Challenge (demo) PA

Dumbledore's Quest CS

Discover Hogwarts (DEMO) CS

Ravenclaw Labyrinth PA


UDA Spiele (Dmitri Umerow)

2020-12-14. Max Potter and the Mystery of Ravenclaw PA RU, DE

2021-01-04. Max Potter. Weihnachten PA (M)



2017-09-12. Music Mod CS (M)



2018-10-01. Contents of the actors tree CS (M)



2021-02-14. Harry's first day (Harryn ensimmäinen päivä) SS (M)


Воїн (тов. Нова Січ) та UaLT

2017-09-08. Ukrainianizer SS RU

2017-09-08. Ukrainianizer CS RU

2017-09-08. Ukrainianizer PA RU

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