HP and Dark Lands 2020. Achievements


In the Hall of Fame, you can find hints to achievements. But to make sure everything is done correctly, it may be useful to read their descriptions here… If you like trial and error, then don’t read this article 😉

  1. In night sweeps, go through three stages with a time reserve of 30 seconds and collect three boxes at the third stage. There is a second block of metalogons, but there was no desire to pass it yet.
  2. Get the third red bean without buying it. Two at school, to find it, you need lumos, his study in the sweet kingdom. And the second one lies on one of the floors, on which there is a hint under a stone on a stone circle. But Levios needs to know.
  3. Fix all the knight’s armor – depulso spell.
  4. Accumulate 1 galleon without participating in Quidditch. We need knowledge of lumos. Why – they will tell you in the Sweet Kingdom.
  5. In one of the classes, find a sitting ghost of a girl. To do this, you need to find all the gargoyles in the school and this passage will open, there you need to catch a ghost.
  6. Reach level 40 without saving.
  7. Defeat three trolls. First you have to defeat the rattlesnake willow, and then three trolls at night. This is the mystery of the night noise at school. In Hogsmeade, the riddle with the troll is different. The first time I went to the dark lands, I didn’t solve it.
  8. Defeat the troll without damage. This is done in Myrtle’s toilet using protego. His knowledge will be given with increasing experience, so it is important to complete the tasks of the lessons. This troll opens after attending a transfiguration lesson, and after winning, one of the heroes disappears and his rescue leads to the dark lands and the end of the game. Therefore, transfiguration must take place after finding all the secrets. The entrance to the lands is also opened by solving all the puzzles with chess pieces.
  9. Collect 50 green bertie beans – for school, for battles with animals and plants, buy in the Sweet Kingdom
  10. Catch a snitch at Quidditch, but lose. Feel like Viktor Krum)). But before that, just collect a galleon of money.
  11. Take enchantment lessons and get “Excellent”.
  12. Light 189 torches. Myrtle will teach you that.
  13. Prank in the girls’ bedroom. I need to straighten the sleeping Hermione’s blanket. You need knowledge of two spells. One is taught by the director, the second by Flitwick.

Getting the main achievements:

Victory over three trolls:


In the middle of my first playthrough, it became clear that I started it from the wrong end. My eyes ran away from the desire to discover all the secrets as soon as possible, go through the plot and get into the Dark Lands. But that was a mistake. In the process, a gallery of achievements was found, after viewing the list of necessary tasks, everything fell into place. There are three difficult achievements in the game, some of them are related to the plot. The longest achievement is to complete the game without saving, bringing the heroes up to 40 experience levels. In the course of the game at this point you will need to pass the metalogonki – three stages – with the best result. Since saving is impossible (otherwise the first task will not be completed), you need to do it the first time, or wait for the timer to finish if you see that you will not have time to fly. And to raise the level, it is important not only to complete the tasks of the lessons in the practice of spells, but also to collect (not buy), namely to collect three red beans. Experience, points, and level are given for them. BUT you can find them by completing a certain plot related to Slytherin. Thus, the third task is performed – to collect three red beans. Then you can save and solve the rest of the puzzles. The final puzzle of the main plot is with chess pieces. But to open these riddles, you also need to open hidden rooms and solve riddles. That is, you don’t need to do anything ordinary, just go through the plot in a certain sequence, which is reflected in the first video, which the game developer helped shoot.

In the future, it is important: before discovering all the secrets, solving the main and additional puzzles, do not go to the transfiguration lesson in any case. After it, the final part of the game will start, at the end of which the school year will end and it will be impossible to return to school. Riddles are found both in the school itself and on the territory of Hogsmeade, ground and underground. Badges need to be searched only on the school grounds. To complete the game, you must participate in Quidditch. This was not done by me in the first game, the snitch did not give in, but attempts to play will continue. Before playing Quidditch, you need to collect coins in the amount of 1 galleon, and you can detect them using a spell that will be taught in the Sweet Kingdom. Spells will be needed to advance the plot, everything revolves around attending lessons, but to complete the three above tasks, complete completion of the course of charms is not required. Knowledge of Leviosa opens access to attending herbology lessons, as bushes need to be transplanted there. Sprout will also teach the spell Orchideus, which in the future can be handled in manual combat mode with predatory plants (it will not work on a tree and Willow). By the way, it is better to win the willow after receiving 3 red beans, so as not to lose, otherwise a defeat from the willow leads to the end of the game, and if you did not survive before the battle, it may be annoying. The charms of Reducto and Reparo themselves can be studied later, but without it, access to puzzles will not open, in some places it is necessary to break walls. And Flitwick’s score is Excellent, as well as an achievement in the gallery, which brings us closer to the opening of the bonus room.

Author: Neitlyn