Mods. Creating scenes-on-the-engine (cut-scenes)


Note: This article was created for the UnWorld editor. Therefore, the patches mentioned by the author can only be useful for this editor. But the basic principle of creating a cut scene is universal for most well-known editors.

Consider the options for creating these very cut-scenes.

Chamber of Secrets.

So, as promised, I will write an article about cut scenes. If something is unclear, ask in the comments.
To begin with, you need to download and install the patch (UWED_HP2_PATCH_012) nothing will work without it. To begin with, we need to come up with some kind of video in our head, and I will explain using my own example. The scene will be like this: Harry and Ron approach an incomprehensible room, they go in there, Ron asks “What was that?” and suddenly two big crabs come out. The boys shout “noooooooo” and then start running away, and the crabs follow them (here they will have to increase their speed). Still, they run into some room where it’s safe and Ron says “phew, it’s gone.”

So, let’s add everything we need to the map: two crabs, Ron and Harry, design the map properly, i.e. make rooms and start.

  1. In general, first you need to specify your name in cutscene for EACH HERO. To do this, open the Harry property and select the cut scene tab and write “Harry” there. Next, open the Ron property, open the Cut Scene again and write “Ron”. We do the same for crabs, we write “Crab1” and “Crab2”, although in fact you can give any names.
  2. Go to the game folder, open system, then CutScenes and copy any file, erase everything inside it and set the file name in English.
  3. Here begins the most difficult part. So, remember, ANY CUT SCENE starts with the line “[Thread_0]” (Square brackets are required). I think this phrase translates as “scene”. After we have written this phrase, press Enter and we move to another line. All subsequent lines and phrases will start with the words “line”, i.e. line_0, line_1, line_2. In general, you will understand now. So we prescribe:

line_0=Capture Harry
line_1=Capture BaseCam
line_2=Capture Ron
line_3=Capture Crab1
line_4=Capture Crab2

What does it mean Capture? Сapture – this is the capture of a goal, i.e. we have to capture all the characters that we have moving (ATTENTION: Capture BaseCam it is always written, this must also be remembered, i.e. the base camera (BaseCam) must always be captured so that it can work in the cut scene).

4. We go back to the editor again and we have to find the object CutCameraPos (Navigation Point, UWNavigation Point). We put the camera somewhere on top and open its properties, open the CutScene tab and write any name of the camera. I gave the name “Cam1”. Let’s add a CutMark object and place it between Ron and Harry, give it the name “E2”. Then we open our text document again and write line_5=BaseCam Target FlyTo E2, i.e this means that our base camera will be aimed at the CutMark with the name E2 (Target – the goal, what it is aimed at). The next line will be line_6=BaseCam FlyTo Cam1 – this line indicates which subject will be filming what is happening.

5. Next, we need Harry and Ron to come to the room at the same time. To do this, add two cutmarks and put them near the room, then specify the names for each, for example, “CutMarkHarry”, i.e. this is the place where Harry will reach, and “CutMarkRon” is the place where Ron will reach. We return to the text editor again and write:

line_7=Harry RunTo CutMarkHarry *
line_8=Ron RunTo CutMarkRon

WalkTo – go to something, well, RunTo – run. Ie it all means that Harry goes to his CutMark, and Ron to his. The asterisk means that the subsequent action is performed simultaneously with the action on which it is written, i.e. Harry and Ron will run at the same time.

6. Now we put the second camera to the right of the first one, it will point to the entrance to the room and again indicate its name (Cam2). We will also put two more CutMark in the room, the boys will go there and indicate the names (CutMarkHarry1 and CutMarkRon1). Let’s put a CutMark, our second camera will look there (E3 is the name of the camera). Go back to the Text editor and write:

line_5=BaseCam Target FlyTo E3
line_6=BaseCam Cam2 FlyTo Cam2

This means that our base camera is now the second one that we have installed and that it looks at our CutMark(E3). Then we write:

line_11=Harry WalkTo CutMarkHarry1 *
line_12=Ron WalkTo CutMarkRon1

I think everything is clear here.

line_13=Ron TurnTo Harry *
line_14=Harry TurnTo Ron

TurnTo – turn to something or someone.

7. Then there will be replicas. Ron has to say “What was that?”. In order to listen to the sounds, you need to download the patch , and all of Ron’s lines can be downloaded here . PC_Ron_DuelSnake_06 – What was that? So this phrase will be spelled out like this:

line_15=Ron talk PC_Ron_DuelSnake_06

For conversations, you can use Talk or Say, it’s the same thing

8. Now animations. Harry makes an animation that doesn’t understand anything, called talk_dontKnow.

So we prescribe:

line_16=Harry animate talk_dontKnow

Harry animate – this means that Harry is showing animation. All animations can be downloaded here .

9. Also before Ron asked “What was that?” the camera showed Ron up close, the coordinates are used for this:

line_15=BaseCam FlyTo Ron z=27 x=40 y=10
line_16=BaseCam Target FlyTo Ron z=27 x=10

The same thing is prescribed for Harry.

10. Then we should have crabs, and before that we need a short period of time, we use the Sleep 1 command – this means that nothing will happen for one second, you can write two or three instead of one.
11.Creating another camera Cam3 and CutMark E4:

line_21=BaseCam Target FlyTo E4
line_22=BaseCam FlyTo Cam3

Then it is necessary for the crabs to come out, turn to the boys and release their rage, for them we create cat brands on which they will walk and give them names CutMarkCrab1 и CutMarkCrab2:

line_23=Crab1 WalkTo CutMarkCrab1 *
line_24=Crab2 WalkTo CutMarkCrab2
line_25=Crab1 TurnTo Ron *
line_26=Crab2 TurnTo Harry
line_27=Crab1 animate roar *
line_28=Crab2 animate roar.

In general, it’s too long to describe to the end. I wrote all the basic commands.

Attention!!! That’s not all. When you have given a name to a text document that is written in ENGLISH, you must put the CutScene object on the map, open its properties, select the CutScene tab, and in the FileName line specify the name in English that you gave to the text document. Don’t forget to click Build all and save.

After the end of the actions , you need to prescribe:

line_33=Release Harry
line_34=Release Ron
line_35=Release BaseCam
line_36=Release Crab1
line_37=Release Crab2

Release means release, i.e. if Capture is capture, then Release is the opposite. I hope everything is clear, good luck to everyone)

Author: John56